Essential oil-based pyrethrin-free natural formula safely and effectively protects equines from nature’s little winged nuisances

LOGAN, UT - Feb. 26th, 2021

Draw It Out, maker of DiO Horse Liniment, announces the launch of Citraquine® Environmental Defense Spray for horses. The essential oil-based pyrethrin-free natural formula effectively and safely protects your horse from nature’s little winged nuisances.

“Citraquin was created in response to the overwhelming horse community demand for an effective all-natural essential-oil infused product that’s gentle on a horse’s skin,” shared Jon Conklin, Draw It Out CEO.

“The essential oil formula naturally repels insects so horses can be happy and stress-free during bug season. Because the formula contains no harmful chemicals, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about your horse’s skin getting irritated,” noted Conklin.

The water-based herbal scented spray contains a proprietary essential oil formula including but not limited to cedarwood citronella and wintergreen.

The spray protects up to two days and is safe to use on pre-existing or open wounds. The non-irritating sensitive skin-friendly formula contains no pyrethrins, pyrethrum, pyrethroids, or industrial pesticides. It’s also safe to use on livestock and dogs.

The product covers many of nature’s most annoying bugs including flies: house, stable, horse, and black, as well as ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats.

No mixing is required prior to application, and the spray may be applied to horse stalls and on fly sheets.

Citraquin spray is available in a 32 oz spray bottle, $24.99 retail, and 128 oz gallon refill, $89.99 retail.

The Draw It Out equine and dog product lines include: DiO Silver Hoof EQ Therapy for horses, Citraquin Environmental Defense Spray for horses, DiO Horse Shampoo with Lavender, DiO Plus Horse Liniment, DiO Horse Liniment Concentrate and Gel formulas, DiO MasterMudd Equibrace horse poultice, DiO Rapid Relief Restorative Cream for horses, DiO SuperClean Stall Wash for horses, and DiO Dog Liniment Spray.

All DiO products are made with all-natural formulas that undergo rigorous 3-step testing and third-party independent analysis. Product ingredients are 100% USA sourced and are human pharmaceutical grade.

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