By Allison Armstrong Rehnborg

Dan and Wendy Huss of Huss Performance Horses have been members of #TeamDiO since 2020, but they began using Draw It Out products in 2018 based on a recommendation from a friend. They’ve been hooked ever since.

“Mari Little of Little Bit of Harmony is our homeopath, and she does chiropractic and acupuncture and other remedies for our horses,” Wendy Huss recounted. “She knows how important it is to us to use  natural-based products, so she told us about Draw It Out and said it was the best! And we’ve had really great luck using it. We liked the fact that the Draw It Out Liniment didn’t smell and didn’t have any burning or blistering with it.”

Huss Performance Horses is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, at Smoking Roosters Ranch. For more than twenty years, Dan & Wendy Huss have been pursuing their passions for training top-notch reining horses together. Dan first made a name for himself by training Wimpys Little Step, winner of the 2002 National Reining Horse Association Futurity. Today, Dan has a host of championship titles and finalist qualifications to his name as well as NRHA Lifetime Earnings of more than $550,000 and an individual silver medal from the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games. Dan also made reining history at the 2018 American Quarter Horse Association World Championship Show when he and Ms Dreamy performed an 

unplanned but flawless bridleless run in the Senior Reining. These days, Dan and Wendy Huss are known throughout the world for their success in reining competitions – and that success starts with their  dedication to providing quality care to every horse in their barn.

“We keep between 25 and 30 horses in training all the time,” Wendy said. “We’ve had great luck with using the Draw It Out Liniment Concentrate. We mix up the concentrate and keep spray bottles of it in the wash rack. Then after we hose off the horses and squeegee them, we’ll spritz the whole horse. If we have a horse that tends to stock up a little bit, we might concentrate more on that area. But we’ll use it all over the horse from the back of the ears, straight down their necks and shoulders and down the front legs. It seems to help with soreness.”

Wendy appreciates the fact that Draw It Out products are all-natural.

“The liniment doesn’t have any odor and there are no tingly feelings with it. We like that there is no menthol or perfume or scent associated with it. That’s part of what makes it so nice,” Wendy said. “It’s also nice for people who may be sensitive to liniment, and I think people often don’t realize that horses 

can be sensitive, too.”

Draw It Out Horse Liniment Concentrate is a proprietary mineral blend with an Epsom salt base and can be used as a soak, poultice or body spray. Using DiO can help ease soft tissue discomfort before or after a workout, and it’s been formulated with ingredients that comply with FEI regulations, so it’s safe to use 

during competition.

“After we started using the DiO Liniment Concentrate, I got in touch with Jon Conklin, the owner, to ask him about the product,” Wendy said. “He actually told me that we could soak our quilts in the concentrate and wrap the horses’ legs at night. We started doing that and had really great luck with it as well. That’s a really nice feature because when we take the wraps off in the morning, that quilt is still a little damp, so we know we’re getting the full effect of the product.” 

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