Our Company Values: Our Guiding Mantra and Measure

We are regularly asked about our company values.  This is our mantra and the measure to which we try to hold ourselves and our company.

The Draw It Out Mantra

1. Have PLENTY of Drive

Tireless energy is the key to going places personally and professionally. Work persistently.

2. Cheerfully Accept Responsibility.

Responsibility challenges our attitudes and ability. The best way to prove your worth is to seek and welcome it.

3. Success is Never an Accident

Luck be damned. Do the things that failures avoid. Make them a habit.

4. Know the Customer.

Customers are our most valuable asset. We are judged by everything we say and do. Up hold our standards above all.

5. Look. Listen. Learn.

Always keep your mind open. There are differences between seeing and observing - hearing and understanding. These are the life blood to new ideas

6. Find Out If Your Unsure.

"I don't know" is inexcusable and so is dishonesty. If you don't know find out. It is better to make sure then to make a mistake.

7. Set the Example.

Always strive to set a positive example.

8. Welcome New Ideas.

These are the seeds of progress without them we cease to grow. Give new ideas every consideration. Never be afraid of change.

9. Profit by Mistakes.

It is as important to know what NOT to do as it is to do. Our mistakes help us and others.

10. Be Clear.

Communicate ideas clearly and convincingly to avoid misunderstandings, delays and errors. Say exactly what you mean .

11. Don't Desire Credit.

Keep on trying. What you do tomorrow counts more than what you did today. No good work goes unnoticed.

12. Co-operate.

Always do what is best for the team. No one who goes far goes alone.

13. The Future is Our Responsibility.

We are the only ones responsible for our future, no one else.

14. Think Things Through.

Take your time. No one was ever faulted for responding with "I'll think it over". Big decisions take time, thought and planning.

15. Good Manners are Good Business.

LManners make the man. Always act with consideration, tact and courtesy.uck be damned. Do the things that failures avoid. Make them a habit.

16. No One Owes You Anything.

Gratitude trumps entitlement. We owe our very best and, if we give it, there will be a reward.

17. Go the Extra Mile.

Do what is necessary to be of value. Be an Extra-Miler.

18. Set Goals.

No one can go any higher than they think they can.

19. Know the Value of Enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is a spark that can ignite confidence and courage. Be enthusiastic about our brand and everything it stands for.

20. Recognize the Importance of Others.

Never belittle someone and avoid criticism.

21. Never Pass the Buck.

Make a mistake? Late? Forget something? Take the responsibility.

22. Control Your Temper.

Quick tempers and sarcastic tongues will close doors fast. Be tactful and slow to anger. never condemn someone behind their back.

23. Be your own critic.

Make sure everything we do measures up to our standards.

24. Easy Does It.

Approach each task calmly, steadily and easily. Take it easy doesn't mean lazy but rather take the time to do it right.

25. Good Enough is Not Good Enough.

Only our BEST will past the muster. good enough is not good enough.