The Origin Story of Draw it Out: Our Journey and Mission

At Draw It Out, we are frequently asked about the motivation behind our journey. Here's our response:

The inception of Draw It Out (DiO) stems from our deep-seated desire to assist individuals in caring for their horses in a manner that is both secure and efficient. Having spent decades immersed in the industry and attentively heeding the grievances voiced by our customers about existing offerings, we felt compelled to make a positive impact. Our test group often lamented the stagnation of products formulated decades ago, which failed to incorporate contemporary methods, ingredients, and blending techniques. What they yearned for were products that not only upheld the highest standards of safety but also delivered unparalleled effectiveness.

It was through careful consideration of these insights that we resolved to lend our expertise to the cause. Collaborating closely with local veterinarians, we set out to craft a range of products that would effectively address these pressing concerns and provide a fresh approach to equine care.

Prioritizing Horses Over Profits

Frequently, we are asked how Draw It Out (DiO) measures up against other products in the market. The straightforward response is that we do not engage in direct comparisons with other companies. Our primary commitment lies in optimizing equine well-being to the best of our abilities. Many other companies may prioritize market dominance, profitability, or vying for shelf space above all else, potentially compromising the quality of their offerings.

At DiO, our focus extends beyond these traditional business metrics. While they undeniably play a role in our operations, they are not the core reason for our existence. Our distinct mission centers on one paramount goal: the welfare of your horses.

Dedicated to Caring for Horses

Our Products: A Result of Extensive Formulation and Testing

Our products have undergone extensive formulation processes, involving numerous trials and errors. What we ultimately introduced to the market is a product that has proven its safety, ease of use, and effectiveness through rigorous testing and sampling. Say goodbye to the confusion of choosing the right formula for competitions or deciphering product ingredients. Our formula is designed to provide a worry-free solution for everyone.

Our Rigorous Testing Protocols

Thorough Testing Procedures for DiO Quality Assurance

At Draw It Out, we believe in a rigorous testing process. Each batch of DiO undergoes meticulous testing to guarantee its quality and effectiveness. Our production approach involves crafting DiO in small, controlled batches, ensuring that every product on the shelf is fresh. Unlike some other companies that produce excessive quantities leading to shelf-life issues, we prioritize maintaining the highest standards. While this methodology may lead to occasional delays, we are committed to delivering products that consistently meet our stringent benchmarks and standards, never compromising on quality.

Safe. Proven. Effective

Our Motivation: A Passion for Your Horses

In simple terms, our driving force is our deep affection for your horses. We embarked on this journey with the sole purpose of enhancing their well-being, whether they're in competition or serving as your cherished companions.