TeamDiO Member Rose Applegate

Rose Applegate: The Colorado Cowgirl Making Waves in the Rodeo World

Rose Applegate may only be 16 years old, but she has already made a name for herself in the competitive world of rodeo. Hailing from Berthoud, Colorado, Rose has been riding horses for as long as she can remember. She has a deep passion for the sport and a true love for her horses, which is evident in the way she talks about them.

Rose's love for rodeo has taken her all over the United States, including places like Texas, Vegas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. She competes in rodeos, futurities, and super shows, and her family and sponsors are her biggest supporters. They help to keep her and her horses performing at their best, whether they're on the road or in the arena.

One thing that has made a big difference to Rose's horses is Draw It Out. This natural product has become a staple in her trailer, and she uses it every time she exercises, travels, or makes runs. The difference between using Draw It Out and not using it is clear to Rose, and she has noticed a big improvement in her horses' overall health and performance.

Draw It Out is not just for Rose's performance horses, though. She also uses it on her colts to help soothe and heal them after hard rides. The natural ingredients in Draw It Out make it a safe and effective way to support her horses' health and wellbeing.

Rose's success in the rodeo world is a testament to her hard work and dedication, as well as the support of her family and sponsors. With Draw It Out by her side, she knows that her horses are getting the best care possible, so they can perform at their very best.