TeamDiO: Professional Horsemen for All Walks of Life

TeamDiO is made up of professional horsemen from diverse backgrounds, including barrel racers, reiners, ranchers, and more. Whether you're an experienced equestrian or just starting out, incorporating Draw it Out into your horse care regimen can provide a range of benefits. Our team members are passionate about the efficacy of Draw it Out and its ability to promote horse health and wellness.

By using Draw it Out, you can join our team in supporting the well-being of horses everywhere. With the help of our knowledgeable professionals, you can learn more about the many advantages of this innovative product and how it can make a difference in your horse's life. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of Draw it Out and join the TeamDiO community!

Tips on Applying for TeamDiO

Be a Customer First

Be familiar with our products, be able to share with others about how/why you feel Draw it Out product(s) work. Make sure you have used the product(s) for  an extended amount of time (don't turn in an application if you ordered last weekend).


Character Counts

You don't have to have a long list of accomplishments, but being a good competitor and role model to your peers is hugely important.  Character is a major part of TeamDiO

Your Social Media Presence Matters

You don't need 10K+ followers, but keep in mind we are going to take time to look at your accounts - so don't post something you wouldn't want your mom, employer or potential sponsor to see.


Preparation is Key

Applying for this sponsorship is just like applying for a job. Take the time to put together some reasons why you'd be a great addition to our team. A resume and references show you are serious about the opportunity. Sending an informal message through social media or email asking if we accept sponsorships tells us you have not taken the time to do your homework, first impressions are lasting!

Are you considering joining #TeamDiO? We're excited to welcome potential new members who share our passion for quality products and equine health. Here's what you can expect when applying to join our team

1. Content Creation:

We encourage applicants to showcase their creativity in crafting engaging content that highlights our products' unique features and benefits. Share your perspective and experience with our products.

2. Content Approval:

To ensure brand alignment, we appreciate a preview of your content before publishing. We value your input in making our collaboration a success.

3. Audience Demographics:

Understanding your followers' interests and backgrounds helps us tailor our messaging effectively. Share insights into your audience demographics during the application process.

4. Reach and Engagement Metrics:

We're interested in knowing more about your audience reach and engagement metrics. It helps us gauge the potential impact of our collaboration.

5. Usage Rights:

In our partnership, we may request permission to repurpose and share your content across our marketing channels. Proper attribution will always be given.

6. Disclosure and Transparency:

Transparency is crucial. Applicants are expected to follow FTC guidelines and include clear disclosures in sponsored posts.

7. Branding Elements:

We appreciate support in using our brand's logo, relevant hashtags, and mentions in your content to reinforce our brand identity.

8. Keywords and Hashtags:

To boost discoverability, include campaign-specific hashtags and relevant keywords in your content.

9. Performance Metrics:

We believe in setting clear goals. Collaboratively, we'll establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for our campaign.

10. Exclusivity and Conflicts:

During the campaign period, exclusivity in promoting similar products may be requested to maintain a unique brand presence.

11. Compensation and Payment:

Compensation will be offered for valuable contributions, with payment processed within a specified timeframe.

12. Content Guidelines:

Adherence to content guidelines, including image specifications and product benefits, ensures a consistent brand message.

13. Communication Expectations:

Open and timely communication is key to our partnership. We'll plan for regular check-ins to stay aligned.

14. Legal Agreements:

A simple contract may be drafted to protect both parties' interests. We'll ensure clarity and fairness in our collaboration.

15. Performance Reviews:

After the campaign concludes, we'll conduct a performance review. Your feedback will be invaluable in enhancing future collaborations.

If you're interested in becoming part of #TeamDiO and making a positive impact in the equine community, we look forward to receiving your application. Join us in promoting equine health and well-being!"