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Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream for Horses 8oz - Draw it Out®
Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream for Horses 8oz


Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream for Horses 8oz

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Size: 8oz
Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream for Horses 8oz - Draw it Out®

Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream for Horses 8oz



Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream for Horses 8oz

Introducing Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream for Horses, the ultimate solution for fungal and bacterial infections in horses. Formulated with a powerful blend of ingredients, this cream is perfect for treating a variety of skin conditions including sweet itch, mange, scratches, ringworm, rain rot, dew poisoning, rashes, cannon crud, and mud fever.

Our unique formula includes Zinc Oxide and Zinc Pyrithione which are known for their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, helping to soothe and heal the affected area. The DiO Coconut-Derived Conditioning Blend, Aloe Vera, Red Algae Extract, and Shea Butter provide hydration and nourishment to the skin while the DiO proprietary blend, including Arnica, chamomile and Manuka honey, helps to soothe and reduce inflammation.

Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream is easy to apply and dries quickly, leaving no sticky residue. It is DYE & FRAGRANCE FREE, making it safe for use on all horses. Use it as part of your regular grooming routine for best results. Made in the USA, it is safe, effective and affordable. Help your horse feel better and get back to normal with Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream!

    Purified & Filtered water, Zinc Oxide, DiO Coconut-Derived Conditioning Blend, Zinc Pyrithione, Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate, Aloe Vera, Red Algae Extract, Shea Butter, Preservative. DiO proprietary blend including Arnica chamomile and Manuka honey.  


    Combat Wet Weather Woes with Draw It Out Rapid Relief Cream: Strengthen and Protect Your Horse's Hooves and Skin"

    Brave the wet season without worry using Draw It Out Rapid Relief Cream. Designed to fortify hooves and combat a variety of bacterial and fungal infections, this cream is a must-have in your horse care arsenal. From rain rot to scratches, it offers a comprehensive solution to keep your horse healthy and comfortable.

    Product Features:

    • Versatile Protection: Effective against a wide range of bacterial and fungal infections, ensuring your horse stays free from common skin ailments.
    • Moisturizing and Conditioning: Not only does it treat infections, but it also moisturizes and conditions the skin, leaving your horse's coat looking and feeling great.
    • Convenient Packaging: Comes in an easy-to-use tub, making application a breeze.
    • Show Safe Formula: Compliant with USEF/FEI banned substance lists, ensuring safety for competition horses.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Zinc Oxide and Zinc Pyrithione: These ingredients work together to soothe irritations, reduce redness and inflammation, and expedite healing.
    • Aloe Vera Extract: Known for its soothing properties, it forms a protective barrier on the skin, enhancing the healing process.


    • Rapid Relief: Offers quick relief from common skin infections, ensuring your horse’s comfort and health.
    • Antimicrobial Properties: Powerful antimicrobial elements help combat topical infections efficiently.
    • Safe for All: Ideal for horses and livestock, ensuring a broad range of use.
    • All-Natural Formulation: Free from dyes and fragrances, focusing on pure, naturally-derived ingredients for effective treatment.

    Draw It Out Rapid Relief Cream is more than just a treatment; it's a preventative measure and a restorative solution for your horse's skin and hoof health. Whether you're facing the challenges of wet weather or simply maintaining your horse's well-being, this cream is an invaluable addition to your care routine. Opt for Draw It Out Rapid Relief Cream and give your horse the natural, effective care they deserve.

    What's in Rapid Relief?

    Rapid Relief Cream is a unique combination of natural ingredients, each carefully chosen for their beneficial properties in promoting skin and hoof health in horses. This powerful formula offers a holistic approach to managing various equine skin conditions.

    Key Ingredients:

    1. Zinc Oxide: Known for its protective and soothing properties, zinc oxide helps in reducing inflammation and aids in the healing of skin irritations.

    2. DiO Coconut-Derived Conditioning Blend: This blend harnesses the moisturizing power of coconut to condition the skin and hooves, leaving them soft and healthy.

    3. Zinc Pyrithione: An antimicrobial agent effective in combating fungal and bacterial infections, providing relief and protection against skin issues.

    4. Aloe Vera: Renowned for its soothing and healing properties, aloe vera calms irritated skin and promotes the recovery of damaged tissues.

    5. Red Algae Extract: Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, red algae extract helps nourish the skin and promotes healing of irritations and wounds.

    6. Shea Butter: A natural moisturizer, shea butter deeply hydrates the skin, enhancing its elasticity and overall health.

    7. Arnica: A natural anti-inflammatory agent, arnica is effective in reducing swelling and easing pain, particularly in sore muscles and joints.

    8. Chamomile: Known for its calming properties, chamomile soothes irritated skin, reducing inflammation and redness.

    9. Manuka Honey: This unique honey is celebrated for its potent anti-inflammatory and healing properties, aiding in the fast recovery of skin issues.

    Each of these ingredients works synergistically in the Rapid Relief Cream to offer your horse comprehensive care. This blend not only addresses existing skin and hoof problems but also works as a preventative measure, keeping your horse's skin and hooves in optimal condition. With its natural formulation, Rapid Relief Cream is a safe and effective solution for your horse's skin and hoof care needs.

    Product Details

    Draw it Out rapid Relief cream is the perfect solution for many of the common concerts that come with horse ownership. Formulated with zinc oxide, zinc pyrithione and Aloe Vera extract to soothe irritations, redness and inflammation from skin abrasions and expedite healing by forming a moisturizing protective barrier on the horse's skin our Rapid Relief Cream can help with Sweet Itch Mange Scratches Ringworm Rain Rot Dew Poisoning Rashes Cannon Crud Mud Fever and more! One of the problems horse owners face when dealing with scratches is how to keep the area dry during the healing process. Our Rapid Relief Cream creates a water-resistant barrier which allows the area to heal rapidly. After its applied rapid Relief Cream helps create a healthy environment that accelerates healing. This product has been carefully crafted to adhere to the USEF/FEI banned substance list and is show safe. Being a cream Rapid Relief spreads easy and covers the area with little effort. As with all of our products, what we left out is as important as what we put in. Our Rapid Relief cream is both dye and fragrance free. This ensures that the formula will be both non-staining and non-offensive to the horse. We also left out the alcohol. Alcohol can be damaging to your horse’s hair by drying it out, causing hair to become brittle and break. Rapid Relief Cream is packed with amazing naturally derived ingredients. Our DiO Coconut-Derived Conditioning Blend helps smooth and condition the skin and is aided by Aloe Vera, Red Algae Extract & Shea Butter. What really makes this product special is our DiO proprietary blend that includes Arnica, Chamomile and Manuka Honey. Generously apply by hand the desired amount directly to the pasterns, cannon bones, knees, hocks, stifles, or other external problem areas before or after exercise or as needed.


    Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream is specially formulated to offer quick relief for horses suffering from bacterial and fungal skin conditions. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use it effectively:

    1. Clean the Affected Area:

      • Begin by cleaning the area with mild soap and water to remove any dirt, debris, or contaminants.
      • Gently pat the area dry with a clean cloth, ensuring it's completely dry before applying the cream.
    2. Apply the Cream:

      • Take a small amount of the cream on your fingers.
      • Gently massage it into the affected area, ensuring you cover the entire area and a bit of the surrounding tissue for comprehensive treatment.
    3. Repeat Application as Needed:

      • The frequency of application depends on the severity of your horse's condition.
      • In general, reapply the cream several times a day, monitoring the improvement and adjusting as necessary.
    4. Proper Storage:

      • Keep the cream in a cool, dry place to maintain its potency.
      • Ensure it's safely out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion or misuse.
    5. Consult with a Veterinarian:

      • If you have any doubts or concerns about your horse’s skin condition, or the use of this cream, consult with a veterinarian.
      • Professional guidance can offer peace of mind and ensure that the treatment is appropriate for your horse’s specific needs.

    Using Draw It Out® Rapid Relief Restorative Cream can significantly improve your horse's skin health, offering a safe, non-toxic, and all-natural solution to bacterial and fungal issues. Its easy application and effective formula make it a valuable addition to your horse care toolkit.