Draw it Out All-Natural Horse Liniment Partners with The Jaeckle Centre Equestrian Facility

Draw it Out Liniment Endorsed by The Jaeckle Centre's Equine Veterinarians

Draw it Out - The makers of all-natural DiO Horse Liniment - are thrilled to announce their partnership with The Jaeckle Centre Equestrian Facility (TJC) in Thompson’s Station, TN.

"We're deeply honored that The Jaeckle Centre has selected DiO Horse Liniment as their exclusive liniment to promote and improve the performance and well-being of their horses. It's especially gratifying that our product comes highly recommended by TJC's expert equine veterinarians," stated Jon Conklin, CEO of Draw it Out.

Draw it Out - The creators of the all-natural DiO Horse Liniment - are excited to introduce their revolutionary partnership with The Jaeckle Centre Equestrian Facility (TJC) in Thompson's Station, TN.

DiO Horse Liniment is a remarkable solution that effectively relieves and prevents muscle and joint pain, swelling, and inflammation arising from minor injuries, overexertion, arthritis, and various chronic conditions. This unique liniment is meticulously crafted with an Epsom salts profile infused with a proprietary blend of over 170 distinct trace minerals, each possessing natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

What sets DiO Liniment apart is its all-natural, chemical-free, and quick-acting formula that neither burns nor blisters. It can be confidently used under saddle pads, leg wraps, and sport boots, providing the utmost comfort for your equine companions.

Evie Jaeckle, The Jaeckle Centre Manager, expressed the rationale behind the partnership: "The Jaeckle Centre Team decided to collaborate with DiO because we have been searching for a chemical-free and odor-free liniment for years. There was a significant gap and demand for such a product in the horse industry, and DiO perfectly filled that void. Our entire mission and vision align with DiO's product line as they are committed to an all-natural and chemical-free approach."

She continued, "We believe in a holistic approach to healing and maintaining horses, and DiO seamlessly integrates into our facility for equine Performax therapy and veterinary purposes, alongside our Jaeckle Centre training and performance enhancement programs. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome them into our team."

The Jaeckle Centre stands as a premier, state-of-the-art equine facility catering to sport horses of all disciplines. It offers comprehensive equine and rider conditioning and training programs, including Equine Performax Veterinary and Rehabilitation Therapy. This specialized therapy focuses on lameness diagnostics, injury prevention, and rehabilitation techniques to optimize sport horse performance, complemented by innovative treatment protocols.

TJC's expansive 90-acre facility boasts an Olympic-sized climate-controlled indoor arena, two generously sized outdoor riding/warm-up arenas ready for shows, and a scenic 5-mile network of wooded riding trails. All arenas are equipped with cutting-edge footing designed to minimize joint and musculoskeletal stress in horses.

Furthermore, TJC offers fifty-five premium-quality 12' x 12' stalls, each featuring 3/4" rubber mat flooring and hygienic stainless steel automatic waterers with monitor gauges to ensure horses maintain optimal hydration levels.

The Jaeckle Centre (TJC) is an all-inclusive equestrian facility dedicated to the holistic well-being and fitness of horses. It offers cutting-edge Equine Performance Veterinarian Services and Equine Performance Therapy Services.

Among its top-notch amenities are 55 generously sized stalls, featuring three distinct types of arena footing to facilitate optimal training and conditioning. The crown jewel is an Olympic-sized indoor arena fitted with environmentally friendly Arena Green footing, providing a premium surface for equine excellence.

Clients often affectionately refer to TJC as a "luxury hotel and spa for horses," a testament to the exceptional care and facilities provided. Conveniently located in Thompson's Station, Tennessee, just 30 minutes south of Nashville, TJC serves as a central hub for equestrian enthusiasts in the U.S.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact Fern Aron, Customer Service Manager, at 855-523-2553. You can also explore further details on TJC's offerings by visiting their website. Stay connected with TJC on social media via Instagram (@thejaecklecentre) and Facebook (@jaecklecentre) for updates and insights into their world-class equestrian services.