Draw It Out® 8oz Gel

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Draw It Out® 8oz Gel - Draw it Out®

Draw It Out® 8oz Gel



Draw It Out® 8oz Gel

Enhance Your Horse's Comfort with Draw It Out® 8oz Gel: High-Potency, Non-Messy Solution for Deep and Soft Tissue Relief

Experience the ultimate in equine comfort with Draw It Out® 8oz Gel, the perfect solution for horses experiencing deep and soft tissue discomfort. Our unique formula offers 125% more potency than our concentrate, ensuring your horse receives powerful, effective relief. This odorless and colorless gel is designed to stay precisely where applied, delivering targeted, deep penetrating relief without the mess.

Safe and easy to use, Draw It Out® Gel requires no rubber gloves and is gentle on both you and your horse. It's specifically formulated to prevent irritation and excessive heat, even under pads, boots, or wraps, making it ideal for horses with sensitive skin. Our veterinary-strength formula is not only effective but also adheres to FEI regulatory lists, ensuring compliance for competitive use.

Choose Draw It Out® 8oz Gel for a hassle-free, high-potency solution that enhances your horse's performance and well-being. Perfect for equestrian athletes and leisure horses alike, see the difference our gel can make in your horse's comfort and care. Try it today!


Maximize Equine Health and Performance with Draw it Out GEL: The Ultimate Versatile, Mineral-Based Pain Relief Solution

Draw it Out GEL: Versatility for Complete Equine Care
Draw it Out GEL offers unparalleled versatility, providing relief for your horse's hoofs, legs, stifles, or any area in need. Its wide-ranging applicability makes it an indispensable tool for horse owners dedicated to maintaining their equine partner's health and peak performance.

Potent Mineral-Based Formula for Rapid Relief
Our advanced, mineral-rich formula, featuring over 170 different minerals, is engineered for deep penetration and rapid relief from inflammation and pain. The unique combination of minerals and an Epsom salt profile positions Draw it Out GEL as one of the most potent pain relief options available.

Safe, Effective, and Cumulatively Beneficial
Prioritize your horse's well-being with Draw it Out GEL, a safe and effective solution for pain relief. Its mineral-based composition ensures deep penetration and lasting relief. With cumulative effectiveness, regular applications only enhance your horse's comfort, ensuring they remain at their best.

Quick and Lasting Results
Experience noticeable improvements within hours of application. Draw it Out GEL's formula allows for liberal application without the risk of overuse, providing ongoing and enhanced benefits with regular use.

Perfect for Training and Competitive Events
Incorporate Draw it Out GEL into your horse's pre-training or pre-event routine to prevent soreness and maintain muscle and joint flexibility. It's especially beneficial for horses prone to stocking up, offering a proactive approach to equine care.

Choose Draw it Out GEL for a comprehensive, safe, and highly effective solution in equine pain relief, and witness the remarkable improvement in your horse's health and performance.


Why Draw it Out GEL?

Optimize Your Horse's Well-being with Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 16oz GEL: A Natural, Potent Solution for Pain and Inflammation

Select Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 16oz GEL for an effective, natural approach to your horse's pain management and inflammation reduction. Our exclusive formula, infused with over 170 minerals and an Epsom salt blend, provides a safe and natural alternative to harsh chemical treatments.

This high-potency gel is designed with your convenience in mind: it's odorless, colorless, and non-greasy, ensuring a clean, hassle-free application every time. Suitable for use under pads, wraps, and boots, our liniment offers peace of mind, eliminating concerns about burning or blistering.

Draw It Out® Horse Liniment GEL is specifically formulated to penetrate deeply, effectively reducing inflammation and pain in ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles. This makes it an invaluable aid in helping your horse recover from injuries and in supporting their overall performance.

Trust in Draw It Out® Horse Liniment for a comprehensive, gentle, and effective solution. It’s a holistic approach to maintaining your horse's health and comfort, fostering their recovery and enhancing their performance capabilities.



Product Detail

Draw it Out®: The Safe, Compliant, and Trusted Choice for Daily Equine Pain Management

Ensuring Equine Safety and Regulatory Compliance
Draw it Out® prioritizes both safety and compliance. Our formulation is crafted with carefully selected ingredients that align with FEI regulatory standards. It's safe for use on pregnant or nursing animals and is non-toxic if ingested or if it comes in contact with human skin, making it a worry-free option for horse owners.

Designed for Daily, Hassle-Free Use
Our commitment to your horse's health extends to daily care. Draw it Out® is formulated to be gentle and non-greasy, allowing for daily application without any concerns. Its compatibility with pads, wraps, and boots, without causing burning or blistering, makes it a reliable and stress-free solution for everyday use.

Relief Before, During, and After Competition
Draw it Out® is your partner in equine care, providing comfort and pain relief before, during, and after competitions. Its mineral-rich formula penetrates deeply into soft tissues, alleviating discomfort and pain, thus ensuring your horse is always competition-ready.

The Holistic Solution for Equine Pain Relief
Renowned for its potent blend of minerals and an Epsom salt profile, Draw it Out® is a proven solution for managing pain and reducing inflammation. Horse owners trust it as a holistic approach to maintain and enhance their equine partner's performance and well-being. Embrace Draw it Out® for a comprehensive, effective, and safe pain management solution for your horse.


Maximize Equine Comfort with Draw it Out Gel: Your Solution for Pain, Swelling, and Stiffness

Draw it Out Gel: Targeted Pain and Swelling Relief for Horses
Ease your horse's discomfort with Draw it Out Gel. Specifically designed for equine pain and swelling relief, this gel is perfect for daily applications to legs (3-4 times a day) to minimize swelling and alleviate pain. For enhanced effectiveness, we recommend wrapping the area post-application.

Daily Use for Reducing Stiffness and Soreness
Incorporate Draw it Out Gel into your daily routine to combat stiffness and soreness in your horse's back, shoulders, and flank. Its formulation is suitable for use even under the saddle during events or training, ensuring continuous comfort.

Effective Treatment for Abscesses
Draw it Out Gel is also an efficient remedy for abscesses. Apply a generous amount to the affected area and cover it with a wrap or boot overnight for optimal healing.

Ideal for Pre and Post Training or Events
Prepare your horse for training or events and aid their recovery with Draw it Out Gel. The clear, odorless formula is convenient for use before runs as it requires no washing off, keeping your horse comfortable throughout.

Optimal Results with Regular Application
Our customers report the best outcomes when using Draw it Out Gel a few hours before, immediately after, and again in the evening. This routine ensures a cumulative effect, maintaining fresh and great-feeling legs for your equine partner.

Choose Draw it Out Gel for a reliable, effective solution to manage your horse's pain, swelling, and stiffness, enhancing their well-being and performance.

Whats in Draw it Out GEL

Unlock Equine Comfort with Draw it Out: The Ultimate Mineral-Based Pain Relief Solution

Draw it Out: Revolutionize Pain Management for Your Horse
Discover the transformative power of minerals with Draw it Out, an innovative formula specifically designed for effective and deep-penetrating equine pain management. Free from harsh chemicals and carriers, this unique blend of minerals offers a natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief solution.

Gentle and Safe for Regular Use
Draw it Out is expertly crafted to ensure a gentle application, free from heating, cooling, or tingling sensations. This makes it ideal for use under pads, wraps, and boots, guaranteeing no risk of burning or blistering. Perfect for horses with sensitive skin or areas.

Effortless, Clean Application
Enjoy the convenience of Draw it Out's mess-free application. Its non-greasy, odorless, and colorless formula dries clear, simplifying the process and eliminating the hassle of cleanup.

Natural Ingredients for Effective Relief
The effectiveness of Draw it Out lies in its potent yet simple ingredients:

Water: Provides a soothing, gentle base.
Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Sulfate, and Potassium: A combination of minerals renowned for their pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.
Draw it Out Proprietary Trace Mineral Blend: This exclusive blend features over 170 different minerals, each chosen for their natural abilities to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.
Together, these ingredients form a complete and natural solution for managing your horse's pain and discomfort.

Choose Draw it Out for a holistic, mineral-powered approach to your horse's pain management, ensuring their comfort and well-being with nature's own solution.