Joining our Veterinarian Incentive Program (V.I.P.) offers significant benefits for large animal veterinarians, particularly those specializing in equine care. Our program focuses on providing discounts, referral bonuses, and other incentives on a wide range of products from Draw It Out® that are essential for horse health and wellness.

Extensive Product Range: Draw It Out® offers an extensive range of equine care products. This includes various types of liniments (like the 16oz and 64oz GEL and the 32oz and 128oz concentrate spray), MasterMudd™ EquiBrace™ Horse Poultice, Rapid Relief Restorative Cream and Spray, Citraquin® Environmental Defense Spray, and SilverHoof EQ Therapy®. These products are designed to cater to the diverse needs of your equine patients, from hoof care to skin and hair support, and even wound care​​​​​​.

Discounts on Premium Products: As a V.I.P. member, you can enjoy discounts on these premium products. This not only reduces your operational costs but also allows you to offer more affordable options to your clients, enhancing their satisfaction.

Referral Bonuses: Our referral program is a great opportunity for you to expand your professional network while earning bonuses. By referring colleagues to our V.I.P., you can gain financial rewards, further benefiting your practice.

Boost Practice Growth: With access to high-quality products at discounted prices, you can improve the services offered at your practice. This improvement in service quality can attract more clients and contribute to the growth and success of your business.

Enhanced Equine Care: By using the range of products from Draw It Out®, you can provide enhanced care to horses. This is especially beneficial for practices focusing on sports medicine, rehabilitation, or general equine health.

Join a Community of Equine Professionals: Becoming a V.I.P. member also means joining a community of equine health professionals. This network can be a valuable resource for sharing insights, discussing challenges, and staying updated on industry trends.

By joining our Veterinarian Incentive Program, you'll not only benefit from the practical and financial perks but also contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of horses under your care. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your