As with any pet, the responsibility of owning a horse falls on the parents. Horses require a lot of time, money, and resources. It is crucial to evaluate whether the family is financially and emotionally prepared for the commitment of owning a horse.

When it comes to the child, there is no set age for owning a horse. The most important factor is the child's experience and readiness. Before buying a horse, it is recommended that the child has had experience riding and caring for horses. This can be done through riding lessons or leasing a horse.

It is also important to consider the child's physical ability to handle a horse. Horses are large and powerful animals, and it is important for the child to be able to control them and ride safely. The child should also be able to handle the daily tasks of caring for a horse, such as feeding, grooming, and cleaning.

Another important factor to consider is the horse itself. The horse should be suitable for the child's level of experience and ability. It is recommended to consult with a professional trainer or instructor to help choose the right horse for the child.

Owning a horse can be a wonderful experience for kids, but it is important to consider the readiness of the child and family before making the commitment. With proper preparation and guidance, owning a horse can be a rewarding and enriching experience for both the child and the family.

Why SilverHoof?

Comprehensive Protection
  • Silver Hoof EQ Therapy® by Draw It Out offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining healthy hooves, providing protection against a wide range of microbial infections including thrush, foot rot, and canker.
Proprietary Hoof Conditioning Blend
  • The Hoof Conditioning Blend is a proprietary blend of key components, including Tea tree oil and thyme oil, which stimulate blood flow, assisting in the distribution of nutrients throughout the hoof and expediting hoof growth. This blend also creates a breathable moisture barrier that is both antibacterial and antifungal, leaving your horse's hooves with a healthy shine.
Promotes Strong Hoof Growth
  • This revolutionary hoof care product balances the moisture content of the hoof, supplying the necessary nutrients for strong hoof growth. It also improves dry, cracked, and chipped hooves, increasing hoof strength and pliability, and restoring and supporting flexible, healthy hooves.
Effective Antimicrobial Properties
  • Zinc pyrithione and Silver Nitrate are two key ingredients that address microbial infections at the source. Zinc pyrithione is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial that disables the cell transport system in fungal and bacterial cells, while Silver Nitrate affects several aspects of microbial life, including DNA replication, microbial energy production, and oxygen use. Together, these ingredients provide a powerful solution for maintaining healthy hooves.