As the most popular equestrian sport in the world, show jumping requires a special kind of horse. These equine athletes are known for their athleticism, bravery, and precision as they navigate a course of jumps up to five feet tall. Show jumping horses are bred and trained specifically for this discipline, with a focus on both speed and accuracy. In this article, we will explore what makes show jumping horses so special, from their breeding and training to their incredible performances in the arena.

Breed and Conformation

Show jumping horses can come from a variety of breeds, but there are a few that are particularly well-suited to the sport. The most popular breed for show jumping is the warmblood, which includes breeds such as the Hanoverian, Dutch Warmblood, and Oldenburg. These horses are typically large, with strong, powerful hindquarters that give them the ability to jump high and long.

In addition to breed, conformation plays a significant role in a show jumping horse's ability to perform. Horses with long, sloping shoulders and strong hindquarters are better able to balance themselves in the air and make tight turns around a course. A short, strong back and well-muscled neck are also important for a horse's ability to collect and extend its stride.


Training a show jumping horse is a long and involved process that requires a great deal of patience, skill, and attention to detail. Young horses are first trained in basic groundwork and then moved on to flatwork, where they learn to respond to the rider's cues and develop the balance and athleticism necessary for jumping.

As horses progress in their training, they are introduced to jumping exercises. These can include cavaletti work, in which the horse jumps over low poles on the ground, as well as small jumps that gradually increase in height and difficulty. Horses are also trained to jump combinations of obstacles, such as double and triple combinations, which require precise timing and balance.

As horses advance in their training, they begin to compete in shows, starting at lower levels and gradually moving up as they gain experience and confidence. Show jumping horses may also be trained in other disciplines, such as dressage, to improve their balance and suppleness.

The Performance

Show jumping competitions are typically held in an arena, with a course of jumps set up in a specific pattern. Horses and riders are judged on their ability to navigate the course quickly and accurately, with penalties for knocked-down rails or refusals.

Watching a show jumping horse in action is a thrill like no other. These powerful athletes soar through the air with grace and precision, clearing jumps that would be impossible for most horses. Riders must have complete trust in their horse's ability and be able to make quick decisions to guide them through the course.


Show jumping horses are a true marvel of athleticism, bravery, and precision. From their carefully selected breeding and conformation to their extensive training and incredible performances in the arena, these horses are a testament to the bond between horse and rider. Whether you are a show jumping enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty and grace of these magnificent animals, it is clear that show jumping horses are among the most remarkable athletes in the equestrian world.

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