TeamDiO Member Addyson Scranton

Addyson Scranton: The Rising Star of Rodeo

At just 14 years old, Addyson Scranton has already made a name for herself in the world of rodeo. With three years of barrel and pole racing under her belt, Addyson has recently begun to take the sport more seriously and compete at a higher level. She primarily competes at the NTHSRA (North Texas High School Rodeo Association) on her two trusty steeds, Vegas and Famous.

For Addyson, rodeo is more than just a hobby or a passion. It's a way of life. She eats, sleeps, and breathes horses and rodeo. Her horses, Vegas and Famous, are more than just animals to her; they're her teammates, her partners, and her friends. And like any good athlete, she takes their physical health and well-being seriously.

That's why Addyson is such a big fan of Draw It Out (DIO). DIO's all-natural, veterinary-approved products have helped keep her horses in top condition, both inside and out. From helping to open up their airways for better breathing during runs to calming their muscles after a race, DIO has been a game-changer for Addyson and her horses.

But DIO isn't just effective; it's also affordable. Addyson is quick to recommend DIO's products to other horse owners looking for high-quality, yet reasonably priced, equestrian products. And with DIO's fast shipping and excellent customer service, it's no wonder she's such a loyal customer.

Some of Addyson's favorite DIO products include the show barn secret detangler and shine gel, which has transformed her horses' manes from short and dull to long and lustrous, and the liniment gel, which helps relax her horses' muscles after a run. Her horses even lick their lips in anticipation when they know they're about to be treated to their favorite gel.

As Addyson continues to pursue her dreams of rodeo greatness, there's no doubt that DIO will be right there with her, helping to keep her horses healthy and happy every step of the way. With a rising star like Addyson on their roster of satisfied customers, DIO is sure to continue to be a favorite among equestrians of all levels for years to come.