TeamDiO Member Allison Kircher

Get to know Allison Kircher, a talented young barrel racer and member of the DIO Elite team. Discover how she uses Draw It Out's all-natural products to keep her horse Jaguars Magnolia Bar (Jag) feeling his best before and after workouts and performances.

Allison Kircher: A Passionate Barrel Racer and DIO Enthusiast

Allison Kircher is a 17-year-old barrel racer from northern Minnesota. As a 4Her, she has been competing on her 13-year-old quarter horse Jag for 5-6 years in both barrel races and 4H events. This year, Allison is thrilled to be a member of the DIO Elite team, which promotes the use of Draw It Out's natural and effective equine products.

For Allison, Draw It Out is an essential part of her horse care routine. She and her family have been using the original gel for some time, but have also discovered the benefits of the concentrate spray and fly spray in recent years. Allison relies on Draw It Out for pre- and post-workout and performance, as well as for hauling. And because DIO's products are all-natural and water-based, she even uses them on herself!

If you're looking for effective and natural products to help your horse perform at their best, follow Allison's lead and try Draw It Out. With DIO, you can feel confident that you're using safe and high-quality products to support your horse's health and well-being.