TeamDiO Member Alyssa Collison

As a full-time college student and rodeo competitor, Alyssa Collison knows the importance of using high-quality equine products that produce results. That’s why she chooses Draw It Out, a company known for their all-natural, effective line of horse care products.

Alyssa has been riding horses since she was just a little girl and has a passion for competing in barrel racing. She will be competing in several rodeo associations, including the Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association, National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA), and Turquoise Circuit ProRodeo, as well as local races and jackpots. With a busy schedule and a horse to keep healthy, Alyssa needs products she can rely on.

That’s where Draw It Out comes in. Alyssa has been using their liniment gel for several years, and it has never let her down. When her horse was experiencing trouble with her front leg, the liniment gel provided the comfort she needed to move again without pain. Alyssa trusts the all-natural formula of Draw It Out products to provide her horse with the relief she needs without any harmful chemicals.

Not only does Draw It Out offer a reliable liniment gel, but they also carry a full line of all-natural horse care products, including shampoos, detanglers, rapid relief, hoof dressing, and fly spray. With the wide range of products available, Alyssa can ensure her horse is always looking and feeling her best, whether at home or on the road.

As a student of equine management and training, Alyssa knows the importance of using high-quality products that produce real results. That’s why she chooses Draw It Out, a company with a proven track record of providing natural and effective horse care products. With Draw It Out, Alyssa can focus on what she loves most, competing with her horse, knowing that she has reliable products to keep her horse healthy and happy.