What to know about Draw it Out Gel.

Be Your Horse's Hero

Enhance Equine Performance with Draw It Out Gel: Natural Relief for Common Horse Ailments - Elevate your horse's health with Draw It Out Gel, a natural and effective solution for addressing common equine issues such as wind puffs, stone bruises, and sore joints or muscles. This unique gel formula is specifically crafted to stay precisely where applied, making it ideal for focused treatment on legs or other specific areas. The non-greasy, clear-drying nature of Draw It Out Gel ensures that it won't interfere with your tack or equipment, and it's completely safe for use with pads, boots, and wraps. Draw It Out Gel utilizes the power of natural minerals to penetrate deeply and diminish inflammation, providing your horse with efficient pain management. Choose Draw It Out Gel for a holistic approach to maintaining your horse's health and wellbeing, ensuring they remain at their peak performance.

Offer Safe Relief for Every Equine with Draw It Out - Draw It Out provides a comforting solution for all horses in your care, including pregnant or nursing animals and those intended for human consumption. Both the concentrate and gel formulas are designed with safety in mind, ensuring they are harmless in case of accidental ingestion or skin contact for both you and your horse. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from using Draw It Out, knowing you’re providing effective and safe relief to your equine family members.

Draw It Out: Gentle on Skin, Tough on Pain, Safe if Ingested

  • Gentle on Your Horse's Skin

  • Tough on Swelling & Soreness

  • Safe if accidentally ingested

  • Versatility
  • Powerful
  • Safe
  • Effective

Versatile Pain Relief for Horses with Draw It Out Gel: Ideal for Hooves, Legs, Stifles, and More - Draw It Out Gel offers an innovative, versatile solution for equine pain relief. Specially formulated for use on hooves, legs, stifles, and other areas in need of care, this gel is an essential tool for horses prone to stocking up. Convenient for application before training sessions or events, it helps maintain your horse's comfort and wellbeing. Embrace a natural and effective approach to equine wellness with Draw It Out Gel, your partner in holistic horse care.

Powerful Pain Relief for Horses with Draw It Out Gel: Fast-Acting, Highly Potent Formula - Draw It Out Gel brings exceptional pain relief to your equine partner. Offering 125% more potency compared to our concentrate formula, this gel delivers significant results with just a small application. The fast-acting nature of Draw It Out Gel means you might see improvement in just a few hours following application. Choose this gel for a swift and effective solution to alleviate discomfort in your horse, ensuring their wellbeing and comfort.

Ensure Gentle Relief for Your Horse with Draw It Out Gel: Soothing, Non-Irritating Treatment - Draw It Out Gel is specifically formulated to offer gentle relief for your horse. Its application is smooth and soothing, free from any tingling, heating, or cooling sensations, ensuring that your horse remains comfortable and unbothered by the treatment. With this gel, you can confidently wrap or boot over the applied area, as it contains no reactive active ingredients. Choose Draw It Out Gel for a peaceful and effective solution in caring for your equine partner's wellbeing.

Achieve Rapid Relief for Your Horse with Draw It Out Gel: Fast-Acting, Cumulative Benefits - Draw It Out Gel offers prompt and effective relief for your equine partner. Witness noticeable improvement within hours of application, ensuring quick alleviation of discomfort. The unique formulation of this gel allows for cumulative effects, meaning regular use enhances its benefits without the risk of over-application. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of Draw It Out Gel for consistent, dependable pain relief in your horse care routine.

How often should you use Draw it Out GEL?

Enhance Your Horse's Training and Event Experience with Draw It Out Gel - Ensure your horse's utmost comfort during training sessions and events with Draw It Out Gel. Ideal for both short and long journeys, this gel can be applied before and during travel, offering continuous relief without any burning or blistering, keeping your horse relaxed and comfortable throughout. Its clear-drying formula eliminates the need for any last-minute washing before events. For optimal results, many customers adopt a routine of applying Draw It Out Gel a few hours prior to the event, immediately afterwards, and again in the evening. This regimen leverages the cumulative effects of the gel to maintain fresh, pain-free legs, preparing your horse for peak performance. Choose Draw It Out Gel for a comfortable, effective solution in equine care.