What's in Draw it Out Liniments?

Proven. Safe. Effective.

Experience the benefits of natural, deep-penetrating pain relief with Draw It Out. This unique product harnesses the anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties of minerals to create a formula that is both effective and gentle. Unlike traditional poultices and liniments, Draw It Out is odorless, colorless, and non-greasy, with no harsh carriers or chemicals. Its gentle application ensures that it can be used under pads, wraps, and boots without burning or blistering, and its clear-drying formula means no mess or cleanup is necessary. Get the power of natural minerals for pain management and reducing inflammation with Draw It Out.

The Power of Our Proprietary Blend

The Draw It Out Proprietary Trace Mineral Blend is a unique and powerful combination of over 170 trace minerals, each with its own natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. This carefully crafted blend forms the backbone of Draw It Out's effectiveness in equine pain management and relief. These minerals work synergistically to provide comprehensive support for your horse's comfort and well-being. With a commitment to safety and quality, Draw It Out ensures that every bottle contains this mineral blend in its optimal concentration, offering horse owners a trusted solution for addressing pain and inflammation in their equine companions.


Draw it Out Concentrate boasts a meticulously crafted formula, where each ingredient plays a vital role in providing optimal care for your horse. At its core, water serves as the primary solvent, ensuring all the other elements are effectively dissolved and evenly distributed for consistent application. This makes the product easy to apply while ensuring deep penetration into the horse's muscles and joints.

Sodium and chloride, essential electrolytes, are crucial for maintaining the balance of fluids in the body, aiding in nerve function and muscle contraction. These elements support overall equine health, especially after strenuous activities where electrolyte replenishment is vital.

Magnesium, a vital mineral, plays a key role in muscle relaxation and nerve function. Its presence in the formula helps in soothing tired muscles and reducing stiffness, which is especially beneficial after intense workouts or competitions.

Sulfate ions in the mix contribute to detoxifying properties, aiding in flushing out toxins from the muscles, thereby speeding up recovery and reducing the likelihood of soreness.

Potassium is another crucial electrolyte, necessary for proper muscle function and overall health. Its inclusion ensures that the equine's muscular system and nerve function remain in top condition, particularly important in high-performance scenarios.

Lastly, the DiO Proprietary Trace Mineral Blend is a unique addition that sets Draw it Out apart. This blend includes a variety of trace minerals, each selected for their specific health benefits to equine muscles and joints. These minerals work synergistically to enhance muscle recovery, reduce discomfort, and support overall joint health.

Together, these core ingredients make Draw it Out Concentrate a powerful, yet gentle solution for equine muscle and joint care, ensuring that your horse remains healthy, comfortable, and ready for peak performance.

Transform your horse's comfort with the power of minerals! Draw It Out's proprietary blend features over 170 trace minerals, each boasting natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. The combination of these minerals creates a comprehensive equine pain management solution for your horse.

Elevate your equine care with meticulously sourced, premium quality ingredients in every Draw it Out formula.