TeamDiO Member Gemma Tong

Meet Gemma Tong, an 11-year-old 5th grader and a member of the DiO Jr Team! Gemma got her first horse at the age of 6, and it has been her passion ever since. She was active in Jr Rodeo for three years before her mare's injury put her out as a performance horse. Gemma then took a break from rodeo and started doing Ranch Riding classes on her mom's retired reiner, winning Overall Champion at their first big show together. She is currently training a young Hydrive Cat daughter named Montana with the help of some amazing trainers. Gemma's favorite sport with Montana is breakaway roping, and their goal for 2023 is to qualify for the Vegas Tuffest!

Draw it Out products are a staple in Gemma's trailer, with her favorite being the original concentrate that she sprays on before and after every ride. She loves the fact that she can use and apply Draw it Out products without gloves since they don't burn her skin, indicating they are comfortable for her horses. Gemma also loves the human muscle gel after a long day of riding and roping. She is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the DiO Jr Team.

Looking for high-quality and safe products for your horse? Try Draw it Out, Gemma Tong's go-to brand! As a member of the DiO Jr Team, Gemma trusts and loves Draw it Out products, including the original concentrate and human muscle gel. Give your horse the care it deserves with Draw it Out, the brand that Gemma and many other riders trust.