TeamDiO Member Hynley Salter

Hynley Salter is a talented 15-year-old barrel racer from Evergreen, AL. She started barrel racing 3 years ago and is passionate about improving her skills. Her trusty partner is an 11-year-old horse named Pip.

Hynley has achieved remarkable success in her barrel racing career, including 3x NBHA Youth World Qualifier, 2021 Alabama NBHA 2D Teen Champion, 2021 NBHA AL 05 1D Open and 1D Youth Champion, 2022 NBHA Teen World Finalist, 2022 Josey Jr World 1D Finalist, 2022 CEA Summer Series 1D Open and 1D Youth Champion, and 2023 Hooey Jr Patriot Qualifier.

In 2023, Hynley has set some ambitious goals for herself, which include winning the Josey Jr World, being a Hooey Jr Patriot finalist, winning the NBHA Teen World, and more. She's honored to be part of the 2023 Draw It Out team.

Hynley also shared her experience with DIO liniment, which she has been using for a few years. She was impressed with how quickly the liniment worked when her horse rolled into an ant bed. She considers DIO liniment a staple in her barn and trailer and is excited about the new products DIO is releasing.