TeamDiO Member Isabella McNelis

Meet Isabella McNelis, a 21-year-old barrel racer from Western Pennsylvania with over 14 years of riding experience. Isabella's passion for training young horses and teaching riders continues to thrive outside of competition. Her main barrel horse, Leroy Cashin Checks, is gaining confidence at local jackpots with the goal of competing in larger arenas soon. Isabella is also excited to welcome another young barrel horse to her team in the summer of 2023 and plans to spoil it with DiO products.

Isabella feels immensely blessed to rejoin #teamDiO in 2023, a brand that has been influential in her barrel racing career. She discovered the MasterMudd and Liniment Concentrate products and saw huge improvements in a horse prone to lumbar soreness. Since then, she has added more DiO products to her routine, including BreathToRun, ShowBarnSecret Sheen and Conditioner, and the Liniment Gel. Isabella credits DiO for providing her horses with great mobility and decreasing the risk of injury. She religiously uses DiO products before and after rides and barrel races and always keeps them in her trailer.