TeamDiO Member Kenzie Watkins

Kenzie Watkins: A Rising Star in Barrel Racing and Pole Bending

Meet Kenzie Watkins, a 17-year-old barrel racer and pole bender from Tennessee who is making a name for herself in the rodeo circuit. Kenzie is the proud owner of two incredible horses, including her beloved appaloosa pony, who she competes on regularly. Her hard work and dedication paid off last season when she was named pole bending champion at the youth rodeo she competes in and also won the pole bending and barrel racing championship in a local jackpot series.

Kenzie is incredibly thankful for her amazing horses and the opportunities they have provided her with to pursue her big dreams. She is a true believer in the benefits of using Draw It Out (DIO) products and swears by their liniment to keep her horses feeling their best. Kenzie uses DIO liniment after every ride and workout to help her arthritic horse feel comfortable daily and to keep her rodeo horses performing at their peak.

In addition to her rodeo career, Kenzie is excited to be part of the DIO team this season. She is proud to represent a brand that she truly believes in and is passionate about. With her dedication, passion, and talent, Kenzie is definitely a rising star in the rodeo world, and we can't wait to see what she accomplishes next!