TeamDiO Member Kimmy Foos

Kimberly Starkey, also known as Kimmy, hails from northern Ohio and has been passionate about horses since a young age, thanks to her grandpa's influence. Her interest in horse riding has led her to Cowboy Mounted Shooting, a fast and challenging sport that demands exceptional horsemanship. This season, Kimmy will be shooting off of her own personal horse, a four-year-old AQHA gelding named Smash My Pie, or Salsa for short.

Apart from her equestrian pursuits, Kimmy loves spending time with her husband, family, friends, and three dogs. She and her husband also enjoy heading to the woods during the off-season. Kimmy values the care of her animals and looks forward to representing a company that shares her values.

For several years, Kimmy has relied on DiO products for her horse's care. She particularly favors the DiO concentrate for under her therapeutic products, saddle pads, and splint boots, while the Master Mudd and gel are integral to her post-workout and trailering routines. Kimmy appreciates that DiO products are free of any tingling or unpleasant smells. She notes that with Draw it Out's ever-expanding product lines, there is something for every type of horse owner. Above all, she trusts that DiO products are made by horsemen who care about the health and wellbeing of horses.