TeamDiO Member La Nae Drozd

Meet La Nae, a talented rider and a full-time hairstylist from the Midwest. She started riding at the age of 10 and competed mostly in horse shows in the English discipline. However, eight years ago, she fulfilled her dream of purchasing her first barrel horse, and they have been working their way up the ranks ever since. They went from exhibitioning to the 1D and now place at tough amateur rodeos in the Midwest. La Nae also has a passion for helping others and their horses, which led her to work for Draw It Out four years ago. She loves the products and helping others find the right ones for their horses.

La Nae's main goal for 2023 is to keep winning checks at tough amateur rodeos in the Midwest and possibly make finals, all while keeping her horse sound and bettering herself as a rider. To achieve this goal, she relies on Draw It Out products to keep her horse healthy and performing at his best.

One of La Nae's favorite products is the Draw It Out concentrate, which she uses full body, including the bottom of the hoof. She has found that this helps keep her rodeo horse from getting body sore and performing better the next day. Another product she loves is the Breathe to Run, which she uses on her horse for his allergy and bleeding issues. This product helps to naturally open up his airways and does not collect dust, making it perfect for rodeo competitions. Finally, La Nae's absolute favorite product is the MasterMudd. This product has prolonged her horse's hock injections, and she only needs to inject him once a year now since using it every day when they are competing hard. It's a life-saver for her horse and has helped him stay healthy and sound.

If you're looking for high-quality products to help your horse perform at his best, look no further than Draw It Out. La Nae swears by their products, and she's seen first-hand how they can help prolong a horse's performance and keep them healthy. Whether you're a professional rider or a hobbyist, Draw It Out has the right product for you and your horse. So give them a try today and see the difference for yourself!