TeamDiO Member Leighton Ashby 

Leighton Ashby Swears By DiO to Keep Her Horses in Top Shape

Leighton Ashby is a competitive barrel racer and pole bender who understands the importance of keeping her horses in top shape. Ashby, who competes with her two horses, Jeremiah and Zeus, believes that treating her horses like athletes is essential to their success. That's why she chooses to use Draw it Out (DiO) products to help her horses recover after strenuous training and competition.

"Sometimes they can get sore," said Ashby. "Our horses are athletes too, and we have to treat them like one."

After trying many different poultices, liniment gels, and sprays, Ashby found that none of them worked. However, when she discovered DiO, she was amazed at the results.

"I used the Veterinary Strength Liniment Gel, and before I knew it, no more sore horses!" Ashby said.

DiO products are safe, proven, and effective. As an athlete herself, Ashby knows how important it is to use quality products to support optimal performance. With DiO, she can be confident that she's using a product that will keep her horses feeling and performing their best.

Ashby competes in local barrel racing and pole bending events with her horses, and she knows that every small advantage counts. With the help of DiO products, she can give her horses the extra support they need to succeed.

"DiO is safe, it's proven, and it's effective," said Ashby. "I wouldn't trust any other product to keep my horses feeling and performing their best."

Whether you are a competitive rider like Ashby or simply want to keep your horse comfortable and healthy, DiO products are a great choice. With a wide range of liniments, concentrates, and sprays available, there is a product that can meet your horse's specific needs.