TeamDiO Member Lynnsy Diekman

Lynnsy Diekman, a passionate cowgirl from Colorado, shares her experience using Draw It Out products in this article. With over 8 years of experience using their products, she testifies that they have been a must-have in her barn and have saved her horses in so many ways. The Draw It Out Gel Liniment has been her go-to for leg injuries, general soreness, pre-run routines, and even abscesses. She loves their concentrate mixture and uses it before riding or competing. Lynnsy uses several products from Draw It Out, including the Master Mudd, Breathe to Run, Lavender shampoo, Silver Hoof, Stall cleaner, and more. One of her favorite stories is how it helped improve healing time when her weanling fractured his face. She applied the gel to his face twice a day, and the vets could not believe the difference it made. Today, her horse is 100% healed thanks to Draw It Out.

Lynnsy has been pursuing a professional barrel racing career since she was 5 years old. She has had to build everything from scratch to get where she is today, and she is more of an underdog contestant. This year, she received her WPRA permit and is excited to tackle her first year in the professional circuit. Lynnsy has also started a new journey with breakaway roping and plans to work hard to enter roping competitions. She is blessed with her faith, a great group of geldings, amazing companies backing her, and a wonderful support system. She is excited to pursue her dreams and progress with her horses, and thanks to Draw It Out, she knows her horses will always be in their best shape.