DiO's MAP Policy: Keeping it Cool & Clear! 🚀

Welcome to the super chill guide to DiO's Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy. We’ve made it snappy and fun, because who says policy guides can’t be a blast?

1. Price List: Your New Best Friend

Stay Groovy with Prices: Make sure your ads shimmy and shake in rhythm with our price list. It's like the dance partner you never knew you needed.

2. Media: All the World’s a Stage

Everywhere and Always: If it's media – think flyers, websites, skywriting, you name it – it's playing by our MAP rules. Stay cool, stay compliant.

3. DiO’s Eagle Eyes

We’ve Got Our Specs On: We're always on the lookout, making sure the MAP dance is groovy across all channels.

4. Advertise vs. Sell: The Freedom Tango

Ad Prices vs. Sale Prices: MAP’s all about what's on the tag, not what's in the bag. Set your sale prices to whatever tune you like.

5. Keepin’ It Fresh

Updates Coming Your Way: If we tweak the MAP or prices, we’ll buzz you. Stay tuned for the latest beats.

6. If You Miss a Step

We’ll Tap on Your Shoulder: Slip under the MAP? We’ll nudge you back in line. Keep missing the beat, and we might have to put a pause on your selling disco for a bit.

Indemnification: The Easy Peasy Version

Your Designs, Your Rights: Just make sure you're all clear on the legal front with your product designs.

In Case of Legal Oopsy-Daisies: If there's a snag, it's your show to run, but we're here for moral support.

Custom Creations? You're the Boss: If your special tweaks stir up any legal soup, you're the chef.

Chit-Chat is Key: Got an indemnity issue? Let’s talk. We’re all about keeping the communication lines as open as a highway.

Questions? Queries? Quandaries?

Hit us up if you need more intel or just want to chat about any of this stuff. We're all ears and always here to help!