TeamDiO Member Morgan Newhouse

Meet Morgan Newhouse, a 2023 Teen World qualifier and 2022 Best Of The Best qualifier with a passion for barrel racing. For the past five years, Morgan has been working hard to climb to the top of the leaderboard and is determined to keep going. As a dedicated equestrian, she prioritizes her equine athlete's health and relies only on the best products for them.

Draw It Out is Morgan's go-to brand for horse health care, as their products only contain natural ingredients. She highly recommends the MasterMudd product, which effectively draws out any soreness in her horse's back, shoulders, and legs. The Liniment GEL is another must-have for Morgan, as it reduces inflammation quickly without a distracting smell. Lastly, the Miracle Salve is perfect for treating cuts, as it helps them heal fast and leaves a scab within an hour.

Despite her busy schedule, Morgan works a full-time job at a trucking company to support her passion for barrel racing. With Draw It Out's products, she can ensure her equine athletes are in top shape for competitions.