TeamDiO Member Preslie Watson

Preslie Watson: The 10-Year-Old Barrel Racer Who Chooses Draw it Out for Her Horses' Health and Wellness

Meet Preslie Watson, a 10-year-old barrel racer from Jennings, Louisiana, who knows the importance of keeping her horses healthy and performing their best. As a member of the NLBRA, NBHA, and the Cajun Rodeo Association, Preslie competes with her horses regularly, and their well-being is her top priority.

That's why Preslie chooses Draw it Out products to help her horses perform, feel, and look their best. Draw it Out offers a range of natural and safe products that are highly effective in keeping horses in top shape. As a young rider, Preslie trusts Draw it Out for its high-quality and reliable products, including the original concentrate, liniment gel, and muscle gel.

Draw it Out's products work to combat soreness, heat, and swelling while improving mobility and flexibility. The products are made with all-natural ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals, making them safe and gentle for horses. The fact that Draw it Out products are natural and safe is a major reason why Preslie and her family choose them over other products on the market.

Preslie's passion for barrel racing began at an early age, and she's been competing for several years now. She's not only a talented rider, but she's also a true ambassador for the sport, showcasing the values of hard work, dedication, and love for animals. Preslie's success in barrel racing is a testament to her skills as a rider and her commitment to her horses' well-being.

Whether you're a young rider like Preslie or an experienced equestrian, Draw it Out products are a reliable and effective way to maintain your horses' health and wellness. With natural and safe ingredients, Draw it Out's products are a safe and effective choice for riders who want to keep their horses in top shape.

Preslie Watson's choice to use Draw it Out products demonstrates her commitment to her horses' health and well-being. As a young rider, Preslie is setting an example for other riders, showcasing the importance of using natural and safe products to keep horses in top shape. Whether you're a barrel racer or any other type of rider, Draw it Out is a reliable choice for your horse care needs.