TeamDiO Member Reese Chaffin

Reese Chaffin: The Inspiring Story of the Youngest Rodeo Athlete in Louisiana

At just 11 years old, Reese Chaffin is already making waves in the world of rodeo. Hailing from South Louisiana, Reese is the first rodeo athlete in her family, but she's quickly proving that she has a natural talent for the sport. As a member of the NLBRA and two local Little Britches Associations, Reese competes in barrel racing and pole bending, and she's already earned an impressive record of accomplishments.

Reese's hard work and dedication have paid off, as she finished the 2022-23 Cajun Little Britches season as reserve champion in poles and the 2021 DeRidder Riding Club season as reserve all-around champion. But for Reese, it's not just about winning – it's about the bond she shares with her horses and the joy she finds in the sport.

Reese's horses, Star and Baylee, are her trusted partners in competition and training. To keep them in top shape, Reese relies on Draw it Out (DiO) products. Two of her favorites are the Liniment Gel and Breathe to Run. Reese uses the DiO Liniment Gel on her horses before and after every run to help prevent soreness and promote faster recovery. She's also found that her horses perform better after using Breathe to Run, which helps improve their respiratory function.

But what sets DiO products apart for Reese is that they're made with natural ingredients. As a young rider, Reese is passionate about taking care of her horses in the most natural way possible. With DiO, she can be sure that she's not using any harmful chemicals on her beloved animals.

Reese's love for rodeo started at a young age. She grew up around horses and was drawn to the excitement and challenge of the sport. Today, she spends most of her free time at the barn, working with her horses and honing her skills. Her passion and dedication are evident in her impressive record of accomplishments, and she's already earned the respect of her peers and coaches.

Looking to the future, Reese is determined to continue improving her skills and achieving her goals. She dreams of competing at the highest levels of rodeo and making a name for herself in the sport. With her talent, work ethic, and love for her horses, there's no doubt that Reese Chaffin is a rising star in the world of rodeo.