TeamDiO Member Reina Sanderson

Reina Sanderson - A Young Barrel Racer and Her Dependence on Draw it Out

Reina Sanderson is a 17-year-old barrel racer who has been riding for almost her whole life, but more consistently and seriously since 2020. As a member of NBHA and IBRA, she competes almost every weekend, and she has some big plans for 2023. Reina owns three horses, Amber, Striker, and Buddha, with a foal on the way due in May.

Draw it Out (DIO) has been an integral part of Reina's horse care regimen since the fall of 2020. She has noticed a significant improvement in her horses' movement and performance since she started using DIO. Reina loves that DIO is safe to put on under wraps and can be applied without gloves. Her favorite products are the Concentrate, MasterMudd, and Breathe to Run.

Reina is a finalist in NBHA Youth Worlds and IBRA Nationals in both open and youth categories. She is excited that DIO will be there for her horses every step of the way, and she has complete trust in the products. DIO has thought of everything to make sure that horses feel top-notch.