TeamDiO Member Taylor Floyd

Taylor Floyd: Combining Passion and Excellence in Horse Training with Draw it Out Products

Taylor Floyd is a multi-talented individual who works as a daycare teacher, horse trainer, photographer, and cattle owner. Her love for horses started at an early age and eventually led her to establish TE Equine, a business that specializes in colt starting. Her passion for horses is unmatched, and she always aims to provide the best care and treatment for her animals.

Like many horse owners, Taylor has faced her share of challenges in maintaining the health and performance of her horses. One of her biggest challenges is her pssm mare. She knew that she needed to find a product that could keep her mare comfortable and help her perform at her best. That's when she discovered Draw it Out.

Taylor has been using Draw it Out products for the past three years and has been delighted with the results. Draw it Out offers a full line of all-natural products for horses, dogs, and people, including liniments, shampoos, detanglers, hoof dressing, fly spray, and more. Taylor uses the Draw it Out Concentrate and Gel, Shampoo, and Showbarn Secret religiously, and she has seen the benefits firsthand.

The Draw it Out Concentrate and Gel have been a game-changer for Taylor's pssm mare. These products have helped keep her mare comfortable on both good days and bad days, enabling her to perform at her best. The Draw it Out Shampoo is also one of Taylor's go-to products for keeping her horses' coats clean and healthy. She loves that it is all-natural and gentle on her horses' skin.

The Showbarn Secret is another favorite of Taylor's. This product is perfect for those times when she needs to get her horses show-ready quickly. It not only cleans and conditions the coat but also helps repel dirt and dust, making it an ideal product for busy horse owners like Taylor.

Taylor Floyd is an excellent example of a passionate horse trainer who always puts the welfare of her animals first. Her commitment to providing the best care for her horses has led her to discover the benefits of Draw it Out products. With the help of Draw it Out, Taylor is now able to keep her pssm mare comfortable and ensure that all her horses perform at their best. Whether you're a professional horse trainer or a horse owner, Draw it Out products are an excellent addition to any horse care routine.