TeamDiO Member Kaley Portrey

Kaley Portrey, a young and accomplished barrel racer, is a proud member of the 2022 DIO team. At just 17 years old, Kaley has been competitively racing for six years and has been fortunate to have amazing horses that have helped her achieve her dreams of traveling and competing. In this article, Kaley shares her experience using Draw It Out and how it has become a must-have product in her barn for all her performance and retired horses.

Kaley discovered Draw It Out a couple of years ago at a local tractor supply store and decided to try it on her horses after hearing about it on social media. To her surprise, Draw It Out proved to be a life-changing product for her horses. Kaley is now a firm believer in the product and uses it on all her horses, both for performance and retired horses. She has noticed a significant improvement in their performance, and it keeps them feeling their best.

One of the things Kaley loves about Draw It Out is how easy and safe it is to use. She mentions that even her horses with sensitive skin can use all of the DIO products without any issues. This feature makes it a go-to product for Kaley, especially when she is on the go and needs a quick and effective solution to keep her horses feeling their best.

In conclusion, Draw It Out has become an essential product in Kaley Portrey's barn, and she highly recommends it to other horse owners. Its effectiveness, ease of use, and safety make it a must-have product for anyone looking to keep their horses feeling their best, whether they are performance horses or retired.