TeamDiO Member Kaylee Childress

Meet Kaylee Childress, a talented barrel horse trainer and competitor from Starkville, MS. After a year of learning and growth in 2022, Kaylee is ready to achieve her goals in 2023 and represent her favorite brand, Draw It Out, every step of the way.

Kaylee's passion for barrel racing and horse training runs deep, and she trusts Draw It Out to help keep her horses feeling their best. Having witnessed the products work firsthand, she knows that they can make a significant difference in the well-being of her horses. Kaylee uses DIO liniment after every ride and workout to ensure her horses are feeling 100% and ready for their next competition.

Kaylee is excited to pursue her goals and make her mark in the barrel racing world. With Draw It Out by her side, she knows that she can count on a reliable and effective product to support the health and performance of her horses.