TeamDiO Member Trinity Kizer

Meet Trinity Kizer, a 22-year-old horse trainer and barrel racer based in southern New Mexico. Having owned horses all her life, she knows the struggles of dealing with horse injuries, big or small. That's why she swears by DIO products.

DIO has made a huge difference in Trinity's life by speeding up the healing process and reducing inflammation on horse injuries, especially with young horses that are prone to playing and getting hurt. She keeps every DIO product in her barn and trailer, using them regularly before and after a run to keep her horses feeling good throughout their performance.

What Trinity loves about DIO is that she can put DIO gel, concentrate, or mud on her horses' legs, shoulders, and back underneath their tack without worrying about it making her tack nasty. DIO is a valuable asset in Trinity's program, and she plans to use it for a long time to come.