Discover the Versatility of Draw it Out: Concentrate & Gel for Superior Equine Care

Using Draw it Out Concentrate as a Spray

When it comes to providing comprehensive care for your horse, Draw it Out Concentrate is the go-to solution. This versatile product can be used as a spray, offering a convenient and effective way to address various areas of your horse's body. To ensure optimal results, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Mix to Your Desired Strength

To create a potent yet cost-effective combination, we recommend a 50/50 mix of Draw it Out Concentrate. This can be easily achieved using our specially designed Draw it Out 16oz Spray Bottles. These bottles feature clear mixing lines for both 70/30 and 50/50 ratios, making the mixing process a breeze.

Step 2: Saturate the Area

Once you have determined your desired mixture, it's time to apply Draw it Out to the targeted area. For large areas such as the back and shoulders, generously saturate the surface with the spray. This allows the powerful formula to penetrate deeply, providing maximum relief and support.

Step 3: Let it Dry

After applying Draw it Out, allow the solution to dry naturally. This gives the active ingredients ample time to work their magic, promoting optimal recovery and overall well-being. As the spray dries, it leaves no residue or sticky feeling, ensuring a comfortable experience for your horse.

Step 4: Versatility for Different Areas

While Draw it Out Concentrate is best suited for large areas like the back and shoulders, it can also be used on other body parts. When applying the spray to legs, keep in mind that some overspray may occur due to the nature of the application. However, rest assured that this will not cause any irritation or discomfort.

Step 5: Compatibility with Equipment

For added convenience, Draw it Out Concentrate can be safely used under pads, boots, and wraps. Its non-irritating formula allows for seamless integration with your horse's equipment, ensuring that they receive the benefits of the spray without any hindrance.

Discover the transformative power of Draw it Out Concentrate as a spray. Whether you're targeting specific areas or treating your horse's entire body, this versatile solution provides the relief and support they need. Trust in the effectiveness and ease of use that Draw it Out offers, and witness the positive impact it can have on your horse's well-being.

Things You'll Need

Many Draw it Out Users will use this method on off days as well to keep their horses fresh and ready to compete.

  • Your Horse.

  • Draw it Out Concentrate & Water.

  • Draw it Out Concentrate Sprayer.

Step 1

Mix Draw it Out Concentrate in a Spray Bottle.

Step 2

Give the bottle a good shake then spray liberally to the area.

Step 3

Let dry.  Repeat Steps 1 & 2 2-3 times daily or as often as needed.

Draw it Out Concentrate Pre-Event Usage

Draw it Out Concentrate is the ultimate solution for maintaining your horse's peak performance. Draw it Out Concentrate can be utilized in various ways before a competition to ensure your horse is energetic and performing at its best.

If you have a rope horse with some shoulder discomfort, mist it down prior to the event. Draw it Out aids the body in loosening those muscles during the event. Your horse will gradually build momentum, while the competitors start to falter.

Should your horse have a tendency to develop back pain, shower them with a 50/50 mixture of Draw it Out BEFORE saddling up. This enables your horse to feel their best during your warm-up, ensuring they're flexible and pain-free when the competition intensifies.

Our guide on "How to Use Draw it Out as a Wrap" can also be used to prepare your horse's legs before an event. The best part about this technique is that there's no clean up required! You can leave the wraps on right up until the competition. Depending on your event's regulations, you might even be able to leave them on DURING the competition!

The same wrap technique can help keep your horse's legs rejuvenated during travel. Whether you're headed to Canada from Texas or to California from Arkansas, you can wrap your horse's legs at the start of your journey and leave them on for the duration! This not only provides some support and protection but also keeps your horse ready for action. We recommend keeping the wraps moist with a spray bottle, but some people opt to cover the wraps with saran wrap to retain moisture. Both methods have proven to be effective.

Using Draw it Out Concentrate as a Hoof Soak

Things You'll Need

  • Draw it Out Concentrate

  • Gauze Vet, Vet Wrap or Barrier Boot

  • 30min to 1hr of Time

One of the many uses of Draw it Out Concentrate is as a hoof soak. To begin, mix your Draw it Out to the preferred ratio. Immerse the gauze fully in the solution until it is entirely saturated. Secure the soaked gauze to the hoof using vet wrap, then apply a barrier boot to keep everything in position. Leave it on for between 30 minutes to an hour and then remove.

This method aids in "drawing out" abscesses. Although most people prefer shorter durations, it is possible to leave Draw it Out on for extended periods. This is particularly effective if the horse is confined or in a stall.

Draw it Out Concentrate as a body brace

Using a body brace following a strenuous workout can significantly aid a horse in maintaining optimal performance. Here's how we recommend using Draw it Out as a body brace. Mix Draw it Out and water to your preferred ratio (we recommend a 50/50 blend). Then, completely sponge down your horse using the mixture from a bucket. This allows the solution to seep into the hair and be absorbed by the muscles.

Since Draw it Out contains no harsh carriers or chemicals, it doesn't have the "blistering factor" found in other liniments. You can use Draw it Out as a body brace as often as necessary. Sabrina Ketcham, a professional horsewoman, suggests using a bathing sprayer. To do this, simply fill the reservoir with concentrated Draw it Out and spray down your horse just as you would during a bath. This method also provides a great cool-down period for the horse.

If you don't have a bathing sprayer that can be attached to a hose and you're short on time to sponge down your horse, just prepare a spray bottle and mist your horse's back, shoulders, and legs. This is a quick and simple method to keep your horse feeling refreshed! Another tip from professional horsewoman Heather Young is to incorporate a few "shots" of spearmint Listerine into the mixture to heighten the cooling effect during the sweltering Texas summers.

If you're looking to give your horse a bath while also cooling them off, don't hesitate to add any of your favorite shampoos to the mix! Draw it Out won't discolor your horse's hair or make it brittle.

How to use Draw it Out Concentrate or Gel as a wrap.

Mastering the art of wrapping a horse's leg is an essential skill for horse owners. Legs are wrapped for various reasons such as protection during riding, support while standing in a stall or trailer, and to cover injuries or wounds. More often than not, poultices are used in conjunction with wraps. These poultices, typically clay-based and sometimes medicated, are often referred to as "mud". Despite their effectiveness, they can be incredibly messy and challenging to apply and clean off the leg.

Draw it Out presents a novel approach to leg care. Draw it Out was designed with both you and your horse in mind. Unlike liniments and poultices, Draw it Out works to assist your horse with a colorless and odorless liquid formula that can be applied with a polo wrap or track bandage. Simply mix Draw it Out at your chosen concentration and immerse your wraps in the solution. The wrap can be left on throughout the day and night until the leg improves or you reach your destination. Since our formula doesn't contain harsh carriers or chemicals, you can leave it on your horse for an extended period without fearing any "burning" sensation.

Draw it Out can be used to tighten legs and bring your horse back to peak performance after strenuous workouts. Knowing how to wrap a leg correctly is crucial to derive all the benefits Draw it Out has to offer. Always wrap a clean leg with a clean bandage. Wrapping should start at the center of the cannon bone. Ensure that you always wrap from front to back so that any tension from the wrap is exerted on the bone and not the tendon. Begin the wrap off to the side of the bone and proceed around the leg downward. Overlap each wrap of the bandage by half to three-quarters of the bandage's width, ensuring the bandage is smooth with even tension on each wrap. Once you reach the fetlock, either make an angular wrap around it, leaving a v-shape on the front of the pastern, or simply work the bandage back up the leg just below the knee. Polo wraps can be secured with Velcro at the top and bottom of the wrap.

To utilize Draw it Out, use polo wraps or track bandages saturated in the Draw it Out solution. Properly wrapped legs will yield superior results. Always reserve the unused solution for future use, and store your wraps in this unused solution for subsequent applications.

Using Draw it Out Gel

When to Apply DiO GEL

  • After Tough Workouts
  • Before Training or Competition

  • When Hauling or Transporting

The Draw it Out Gel variant is a testament to our commitment to providing solutions that are efficient and user-friendly. It has been specifically designed to ease the process of application while ensuring no compromise on its effectiveness or safety. This gel-based formulation can be utilized quickly and without any worry about causing irritation or discomfort to your horse.

One of the most significant advantages of using Draw it Out Gel is its hassle-free application. The requirement for rubber gloves, which is typically associated with the application of some equine care products, is eliminated with Draw it Out Gel. Its smooth and easily spreadable consistency ensures that it can be applied single-handedly without the need for additional accessories.

Furthermore, Draw it Out Gel can be conveniently used under various types of horse gear such as pads, boots, and wraps. Whether you are preparing your horse for an event or just performing a regular grooming routine, Draw it Out Gel can fit perfectly into your regime. It doesn't interfere with the gear and, more importantly, it doesn't cause any discomfort to your horse when used under such equipment.

One of the standout features of Draw it Out Gel is its versatility regarding the timing of application. Whether it's before, during, or after your event, Draw it Out Gel can be safely and effectively used. This versatility ensures that the product stays with you and your horse throughout the journey, providing consistent care and comfort.

Before the event, Draw it Out Gel can be applied to prepare your horse physically and mentally. It can help soothe any discomfort or tension in the muscles, helping the horse to be at its best right from the start. During the event, it can be reapplied if needed to provide ongoing comfort and support. After the event, applying Draw it Out Gel can contribute to a quicker recovery and better overall well-being of your horse. The consistent use of Draw it Out Gel can ensure that your horse stays in top form and is ready for any challenges ahead.

Draw it Out Gel and Draw it Out Concentrate share a lot of similarities in their potential uses. Whether it's about providing relief from discomfort, preparing for an event, or promoting better recovery, both these products have proven their effectiveness. However, what sets Draw it Out Gel apart from the Concentrate variant is its ease of application.

The Gel form is simpler to apply due to its consistency and formulation. There's no need to worry about mixing or measuring ratios as with the Concentrate. With Draw it Out Gel, you can simply take the required amount and apply it directly. This ease of application can save time, especially when preparing for an event, and ensures that the product is used in the most effective and efficient way.

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Enhance Equine Care with Draw it Out: The Ultimate Solution for Pain-Free Performance

In today's market, we're seeing an influx of new products designed to help your horse remain pain-free. Many individuals are turning to ceramic products which, while highly effective, can be somewhat nerve-wracking to use during the hot summer months, especially in regions like Texas and Oklahoma. In addition, other companies are producing top-notch wraps for both horse and rider. While these products excel on their own, when paired with Draw it Out, their capabilities to aid your horse expand exponentially.

The process is straightforward. Simply utilize your chosen Draw it Out formula and apply generously to the legs before fitting your boots or preferred therapeutic items. The cold/heat these products generate enhances Draw it Out's ability to diminish swelling and discomfort. The best part is, your boots won't stain or emanate unpleasant odors when you remove them after using them with Draw it Out.

Draw it Out's all-natural formulation doesn't discolor your horse or your boots, and the absence of harsh chemicals implies using your boots or wraps with Draw it Out won't be damaging to the materials. Draw it Out is a holistic solution that harnesses the power of the earth's natural minerals to ensure your equine companion performs at their best.

Draw it Out is a deep penetrating formula that incorporates minerals, which research indicates, are effective in pain management and reducing inflammation. By enhancing the body's natural healing mechanisms and reducing discomfort, Draw it Out offers a comprehensive solution that allows your horse to stay active and healthy, and it does so in a gentle, non-invasive manner that respects both the physiology and the integrity of the animal.

Remember, the aim is not merely to mask symptoms, but to support the overall well-being and resilience of your horse, so they can continue to perform at their highest level. Draw it Out fits seamlessly into this philosophy, offering a way to enhance the effects of your current equine care products, while also standing as a powerful tool in its own right. From reducing swelling and discomfort to offering a holistic, mineral-based solution that aligns with your equine companion's health needs, Draw it Out is an ideal addition to your horse care arsenal.