Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 64oz GEL

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Draw It Out Horse Liniment 64oz Liniment GEL (9170613446)

Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 64oz GEL



Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 64oz GEL

Get the ultimate horse health solution with Draw it Out's High Potency Gel Formula! This formula packs a punch with 125% of the strength of the original concentrate. Say goodbye to messy products - the odorless and colorless gel stays put and can be used with therapeutic products like pads, boots, and wraps. The thicker consistency helps the gel stay in place and there's no need for rubber gloves. If you accidentally come into contact with the gel, don't worry - it's 100% safe for both you and your horse, even if ingested.

Formulated with a proprietary mineral blend and specially selected ingredients that meet FEI regulations, Draw it Out is the go-to choice for before and after training or competition. The minerals in the formula provide deep and soft tissue relief without causing irritation or excessive heat. Ideal for sensitive skinned horses, this veterinary strength formula offers aggressive pain management and inflammation reduction. Whether you're dealing with injuries or preparing for competition, Draw it Out is the perfect solution for ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles.

Experience the power of Draw it Out with our value-sized 64oz Gel bottle. Order now and take the first step towards a healthier, happier horse!

Draw it Out Gel, a versatile and powerful solution designed to provide relief for your horse in various areas including hoofs, legs, and stifles. Its unique formulation is perfect for horses prone to stocking up, offering efficient support before training or events.

Why Choose Draw it Out Gel?

  • High Concentration: With 125% concentration of our proprietary formula, the gel ensures effective results with minimal application.
  • Rapid Relief: Noticeable results in just a few hours, making it ideal for quick relief and preparation for events or training.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use on hoofs, legs, stifles, and more, providing targeted support wherever your horse needs it.
  • Gentle on Your Horse: Free from tingling, heating, or cooling sensations, ensuring comfort for your horse without any discomfort.
  • Training and Event-Friendly: Can be applied before training or events without interfering with wrapping or booting.

Experience the Benefits:

  • Fast-Acting Formula: See a noticeable difference in your horse's comfort within hours of application.
  • Cumulative Effectiveness: Regular use enhances the overall well-being of your horse, keeping them feeling great.
  • Easy to Apply: Its non-irritating formula makes application stress-free for both you and your horse.

Draw it Out Gel is your go-to choice for quick, effective, and gentle relief for your equine companion. Whether it's for pre-event preparation or as part of your regular care routine, this gel is an essential addition to your horse care arsenal. Try Draw it Out Gel today and witness the transformative impact in just 24 hours.

Why Draw it Out GEL

Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 64oz Liniment GEL is a must-have for every horse owner. Its powerful formula contains a blend of natural ingredients that help to provide relief from discomfort and soreness in your horse's muscles and joints. This versatile liniment gel can be used on hooves, legs, stifles, and other areas that your horse needs relief, and can even be applied before training or events. Unlike other liniments, Draw It Out® has no sensation, meaning there is no risk of tingling, heating, or cooling sensations that could cause your horse to react. With a concentration of 125% of its concentrate formula, a little goes a long way, and results can be seen in as little as a few hours after application. Regular applications of Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 64oz Liniment GEL can help keep your horse feeling great and free of discomfort, making it a valuable addition to your horse care routine.

Draw it Out is designed to be used daily without fear or worry that accompany many other products. Formulated with specially selected ingredients in compliance with FEI regulatory lists, it is the preferred choice to use before and after training or competition. The minerals in Draw it Out will help ease deep and soft tissue discomfort that arises before, during and after competition. 

Both Draw it Out formulas are safe for pregnant or nursing animals and those intended for human consumption. Draw it Out is also safe is accidentally ingested and safe if it comes in contact with your skin.

Draw it Out Mineral Blend

Our mineral blend is like nothing else on the market.  Each mineral in our product is included specifically to address issues like inflammation, discomfort and pain.

The Draw it Out Proprietary trace mineral blend is comprised of over 170 different minerals, each of which contain natural anti-inflammatory & pain relief properties. When combined, these minerals create a complete equine pain management solution.

NO MESS, JUST RESULTS: This horse cream has a high potency gel formula. This version is 125 percent of what the concentrate is at full strength. Odorless and colorless, it is the no mess alternative to many pain relief topical analgesic gel products

SAFE AND NATURAL: This liniment cream for horses is 100 percent safe if you come into contact with it and will not hurt the animal if accidentally ingested. Perfect for sensitive skinned horses

BRINGS YOUR EQUINE PARTNER BACK: Helps bring horses back after injury and get ready for competition by reducing inflammation and pain in ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles. This veterinary liniment gel is perfect before, during and after training or performance. Draw it Out is a holistic solution that utilizes the earth's natural minerals to keep your equine partner performing at their highest level. Draw it Out is a deep penetrating formula that utilizes minerals, that research shows, to be effective pain management and reducing inflammation.

HARSH CHEMICAL-FREE INGREDIENTS: Our formula is a proprietary mineral blend based around an Epsom salt profile to create a dynamic horse health product. Formulated with specially selected ingredients in compliance with FEI regulatory lists.

WORRY-FREE: It is designed to be used daily without fear or worry that accompany many other products. This formula stays where you put it and can be used under pads, boots, wraps and other therapeutic products.


Maximize Comfort with Draw it Out Gel: The Versatile Solution for Your Horse's Needs"

Draw it Out Gel is an exceptional choice for maintaining your horse's comfort and health, whether it's before a training session, during long hauls, or after events. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for various applications, providing relief without any discomfort.

Application Guidelines:

  • Legs: To reduce swelling and relieve pain, rub Draw it Out Gel up to 3-4 times daily. Wrapping post-application is recommended for enhanced results, but not necessary. Apply the gel with the grain of the hair for effective absorption.

  • Back, Shoulders & Flank: For reducing stiffness and soreness, apply the gel daily. It's safe to use under the saddle during events or training, ensuring continuous comfort for your horse.

  • Abscess: Apply a generous amount to the affected area, then cover with a wrap or boot overnight for concentrated relief.

Additional Uses and Benefits:

  • Pre and Post Training/Events: Ideal for use both before and after training or events, helping to keep your horse's legs fresh and comfortable.

  • Long Hauls: Apply before loading up and reapply as needed throughout the trip. The gel's soothing properties make long journeys more comfortable for your horse.

  • No Need for Wash Rack: Draw it Out Gel dries clear, eliminating the need for a wash-off before booting up for a run.

  • Regular Regimen: Many customers find success in applying the gel a few hours before the event, immediately after, and then once more in the evening. This regimen leverages the cumulative effect of the gel to ensure your horse's legs remain fresh and feel great.

With Draw it Out Gel, you can assure the well-being of your horse in various situations without worrying about burning or blistering. Its easy application and clear drying formula make it a convenient and effective solution for all your horse care needs.

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Tony F.
Love it!

This for my granddaughter for Christmas! This is what she currently uses on her horse and it was on her Christmas list so I’m sure it works great!!