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Hydro-Lyte® Electro Balance Recovery Paste Powered by Draw it Out® - Draw it Out®
Hydro-Lyte® Electro Balance Recovery Paste Powered by Draw it Out®


Hydro-Lyte® Electro Balance Recovery Paste Powered by Draw it Out®

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Size: 60cc
Hydro-Lyte® Electro Balance Recovery Paste Powered by Draw it Out® - Draw it Out®

Hydro-Lyte® Electro Balance Recovery Paste Powered by Draw it Out®



Hydro-Lyte® Electro Balance Recovery Paste Powered by Draw it Out®

Hydro-Lyte Electro Balance Recovery Paste: Essential Electrolyte Support for Equine Wellness

Keep your equine companions in top form with Hydro-Lyte Electro Balance Recovery Paste. This specially formulated electrolyte supplement is designed to meet the unique needs of horses across all classes, ensuring optimal electrolyte balance for enhanced performance and health.

Key Features:

  • Precisely Balanced Sodium Levels: Sodium content is finely tuned between 6.20% and 7.20%, essential for maintaining fluid balance and nerve function.
  • High Chloride Content: Chloride levels reach up to 11.30%, vital for osmotic pressure regulation and acid-base balance.
  • Potassium Guaranteed: Ensures a minimum of 1.80% Potassium, crucial for muscle function and overall cellular health.
  • Glycine Boost: Contains 0.64% Glycine, supporting gastrointestinal health and nutrient absorption.
  • Probiotic Enrichment: A robust probiotic blend of 76mg promotes gut health and nutrient assimilation.

Premium Ingredients:

Hydro-Lyte is crafted with high-quality components including vegetable oil, sodium chloride, glucose, magnesium sulfate, and more, ensuring a balanced and effective formula for your horse's needs.

Feeding Guidelines:

  • Consult an equine nutritionist or veterinarian for personalized advice.
  • Adjust dosage based on factors like weight, breed, training intensity, and environmental conditions.

Usage Instructions:

  • Intended for oral use in horses only.
  • Administer 30cc to 60cc daily, depending on the horse's size and activity level, to provide essential electrolytes and trace minerals.
  • Adjust the dose according to the intensity of training and physical activity.

Boost your horse's performance and vitality with Hydro-Lyte Electro Balance Recovery Paste. Experience a significant enhancement in their well-being and fitness today!

Why Hydro-Lyte Paste?

Hydro-Lyte Paste: Optimal Electrolyte Balance and Digestive Support for Horses

Hydro-Lyte Paste stands out as an essential supplement for equine health and performance, thanks to its innovative formulation and beneficial features:

  1. Innovative GastroCell Technology: This unique technology is a key reason for choosing Hydro-Lyte Paste. It includes a blend of ingredients that soothe the digestive tract, promoting optimal nutrient absorption. This is crucial, especially considering that many horses can experience digestive issues when given electrolytes. GastroCell Technology ensures a healthy digestive tract for effective nutrient uptake.

  2. Essential Electrolyte Replenishment: During exercise, horses lose critical electrolytes like Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium, and Calcium through sweat. Hydro-Lyte Paste replenishes these vital electrolytes, maintaining optimal hydration and balance, crucial for reducing muscle fatigue and preventing cramps.

  3. Key Nutrient Formula: Hydro-Lyte Paste includes essential ingredients such as Vitamin B1, Magnesium Chelate, Betaine HCl, and L-Glutamine. Each plays a significant role in promoting proper hydration, reducing fatigue, and enhancing muscle function, making it an excellent choice for maintaining your horse's peak health and performance.

  4. User-Friendly and Palatable: The paste is easy to administer, ensuring that horses receive the right electrolyte balance effortlessly. Its pleasant apple flavor appeals to even the pickiest horses, ensuring easy intake.

  5. Safe and Quality Ingredients: Hydro-Lyte Paste is sugar-free and dye-free, free from unnecessary or harmful additives. The high-quality formulation contains no prohibited substances, aligning with the needs of performance horses and ensuring compliance with competition standards.

For horse owners seeking a comprehensive solution that supports both electrolyte balance and digestive health, Hydro-Lyte Paste is an outstanding choice, blending efficacy, safety, and ease of use.

Whats in Hydro-Lyte Paste?

Hydro-Lyte by Draw it Out: Essential Electrolyte Support for Horses

Hydro-Lyte is a meticulously formulated electrolyte supplement by Draw it Out, designed to maintain optimal hydration and balance in horses. This supplement is packed with essential electrolytes and supportive ingredients, making it an ideal choice for horses undergoing training or strenuous work.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

  1. Essential Electrolytes for Hydration and Balance:

    • Sodium Chloride (1656 mg): Helps maintain fluid balance and is essential for nerve and muscle function.
    • Potassium Chloride (1152 mg): Crucial for normal muscle function, especially in maintaining hydration and electrolyte balance.
    • Magnesium Oxide (192 mg): Supports muscle and nerve function and overall metabolic health.
    • Dicalcium Phosphate (466 mg): Aids in building and maintaining strong bones.
  2. Additional Minerals for Overall Health:

    • Zinc Sulfate (60 mg): Vital for immune function and skin health.
    • Manganese Sulfate (9.6 mg): Supports bone health and energy production.
    • Sodium Fluoride (2.68 mg) and Ferrous Sulfate (26.88 mg): Important for overall health and vitality.
  3. GastroCell Blend for Digestive Health:

    • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate, 50 mg): Essential for carbohydrate metabolism and energy production.
    • Magnesium Chelate (114 mg): Enhances magnesium absorption for muscle and nerve health.
    • Betaine HCl (840 mg): Supports digestive processes and gut health.
    • L-Glutamine (170 mg): A key amino acid for muscle recovery and gut health.
  4. Natural Flavors and Antioxidants for Palatability and Health:

    • Natural antioxidants like Rosemary protect against oxidative stress.
    • Delicious Apple and Molasses flavors ensure palatability, making it appealing even to picky eaters.

Hydro-Lyte's comprehensive blend of electrolytes, minerals, and the GastroCell Blend provides a holistic approach to maintaining your horse's hydration, electrolyte balance, muscle function, and digestive health. This easy-to-use supplement is suitable for all horses, especially those engaged in regular exercise or work. Try Hydro-Lyte today to support your horse's performance and overall well-being.

Product Detail

Hydro-Lyte with GastroCell: Optimal Electrolyte Balance and Gut Health for Horses

Hydro-Lyte with GastroCell by Draw it Out is an advanced electrolyte solution expertly crafted to cater to the unique needs of horses. This specialized formula ensures optimal electrolyte balance, essential for maintaining your horse's hydration, performance, and overall health.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Essential Electrolyte Replenishment: Contains vital electrolytes like Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium, and Calcium, replenishing what horses lose through sweat during intense activity or in hot climates.

  2. GastroCell Technology: Integrates a unique blend of ingredients that supports and soothes the digestive tract, enhancing nutrient absorption without causing gastric discomfort, a common concern with electrolyte supplements.

  3. Additional Nutrients for Health and Performance:

    • Betaine: Aids in cellular hydration, particularly crucial during periods of increased sweating.
    • L-Glutamine: Helps combat muscle fatigue, supporting endurance and recovery in performance horses.
  4. Palatable Apple Flavor: Designed to appeal even to the pickiest eaters, ensuring your horse enjoys their supplements.

  5. Safe and Non-Toxic Formula: Sugar-free, dye-free, and contains no prohibited substances, making it a safe choice for competitive and non-competitive horses alike.

  6. Made in the USA: Proudly produced in the United States, ensuring high-quality standards.

Usage and Application:

Hydro-Lyte with GastroCell is easy to incorporate into your horse’s daily regimen, whether for competition, training, or maintenance. Simply add the recommended amount to feed or water, adapting the dosage to your horse's specific requirements.

By choosing Hydro-Lyte with GastroCell, you’re opting for a product that not only maintains electrolyte balance but also respects and supports the overall gut health of your horse. It's an ideal choice for horse owners seeking a comprehensive and horse-friendly electrolyte solution.



Administering Hydro-Lyte with GastroCell for Optimal Equine Health

Hydro-Lyte with GastroCell from Draw it Out offers a convenient and effective way to ensure your horse receives essential electrolytes while supporting their gut health. Here's how to administer it for optimal results:

  1. Dosing: Each scoop of Hydro-Lyte with GastroCell granules equates to one dose. The granules come in a 5g scoop, providing a balanced blend of essential electrolytes and the benefits of GastroCell technology.

  2. Competition Use: For horses in competition, the recommended dosage is one scoop in the morning and another in the evening. This helps maintain electrolyte balance during periods of heightened stress and physical exertion.

  3. Daily Maintenance: For regular maintenance, administer one scoop daily. This routine dosage is beneficial for horses in lighter training or during off-season periods.

  4. Method of Administration: The granules can be easily mixed into your horse's feed or dissolved in their water. This flexibility makes it simple to integrate into your horse's regular feeding schedule.

  5. Consistent Use: Regular and consistent use of Hydro-Lyte with GastroCell ensures continuous support for your horse’s electrolyte needs and gut health, especially important during training, competition seasons, or in hot climates.

By incorporating Hydro-Lyte with GastroCell into your horse's diet, you're providing them with a comprehensive electrolyte solution that not only replenishes essential minerals but also supports their digestive health, enhancing their overall well-being and performance.