We are thrilled to share some exciting news with outdoor enthusiasts and pet owners alike! Draw it Out is proud to announce our participation as a vendor at the highly anticipated 2023 Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. As a trusted brand dedicated to pet care, we are delighted to showcase our exceptional products amidst the exhilarating atmosphere of this renowned event. Join us at the Mountain Games to experience the perfect blend of adventure and pet care, all in one place.

Overview of the Mountain Games:

The Mountain Games is an extraordinary annual event that brings together outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life. Held in the picturesque town of Vail, Colorado, this multi-day celebration is known for its thrilling competitions, stunning natural landscapes, and a vibrant community of adventure seekers. With activities ranging from kayaking and trail running to climbing and mountain biking, the Mountain Games embody the spirit of outdoor exploration.

Draw it Out: Elevating Pet Care at the Mountain Games:

As a vendor at the 2023 Mountain Games, Draw it Out is excited to elevate the pet care experience for attendees and their furry companions. Our mission is to provide pet owners with innovative products that enhance their pets' well-being while seamlessly integrating with their active lifestyles.

Unveiling Exceptional Pet Care Solutions:

At the Mountain Games, Draw it Out will unveil our latest and most exceptional pet care solutions. From therapeutic products targeting dry and irritated skin to aids for post-exercise recovery, our offerings are designed to support your furry friends' health and vitality during outdoor adventures. Experience firsthand the quality and effectiveness of our products, crafted with a deep understanding of the unique needs of active and adventurous dogs.

Non-Staining Formulas for Hassle-Free Care:

Drawing on our commitment to convenience, Draw it Out proudly presents non-staining formulas across our product range. We recognize the importance of hassle-free pet care during outdoor activities. Our non-staining solutions allow pet owners to focus on the joy of the Mountain Games without worrying about unwanted marks or stains. Embrace the freedom to care for your pet on the go, with no unnecessary cleaning concerns.

Engaging with Passionate Outdoor Enthusiasts:

As a vendor at the Mountain Games, Draw it Out eagerly anticipates engaging with fellow outdoor enthusiasts who share a deep passion for adventure and the well-being of their pets. Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to provide demonstrations, answer questions, and engage in conversations about the unique challenges faced by active dog owners. Join us in building connections, sharing experiences, and learning from the vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts gathered at the Mountain Games.

Draw it Out's participation as a vendor at the 2023 Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado is an exciting opportunity to showcase our exceptional pet care solutions. As you immerse yourself in the exhilarating atmosphere of the event, take a moment to visit our booth and experience the seamless integration of adventure and pet care. Discover how our non-staining formulas and innovative products can elevate the well-being of your furry friends while you embrace the spirit of outdoor exploration. Join us at the Mountain Games for an unforgettable journey of adventure, connection, and exceptional pet care.

Why K9 Advanced?

Alleviate Your Dog's Itchy Skin
  • Draw it Out® K9 Advanced Relief Ready to Use Spray is a natural solution to alleviate your dog's itching and soothe irritated skin.
Soothe Your Dog's Skin with the Gentle pH-Matching Formula
  • The formula is gentle and safe for use on all animals, matching the pH of animal skin, and is formulated without any tingling, heating, or cooling sensations to ensure your dog's comfort.
Natural Ingredients for Immediate Relief
  • Its powerful blend of natural ingredients, including Arnica, Red Algae, Olive Oil, Chamomile, Egyptian Geraniums, and Aloe Vera, provides immediate relief and promotes skin and coat health.

Powerful Blend of Natural Ingredients to Promote Skin and Coat Health
  • K9 Advanced Relief Spray can be used for a wide range of skin issues, including hot spots, dermatitis, allergies, rashes, and wound healing after surgery or injury.