Dock diving is an exhilarating sport that showcases the agility, strength, and spirit of our canine companions. However, the physical stress and prolonged water exposure associated with the sport can lead to health concerns. Understanding this, Draw It Out K9 Care Solutions set out to develop a product that addresses these unique challenges. Enter TheraMud, a groundbreaking solution for the specific needs of dock diving dogs.

Addressing Physical Stress with Natural Ingredients

Dock diving is a high-impact sport. With each leap and landing, stress is placed on a dog's joints and muscles. Over time, this repetitive strain can lead to injuries such as sprains or strains. Recognizing the need for a product that can help mitigate this risk, we formulated TheraMud with natural ingredients renowned for their soothing and restorative properties.

At the heart of TheraMud is Dead Sea Clay, known for its rich mineral content and therapeutic benefits. It provides natural relief to sore muscles and inflamed joints, helping to soothe physical stress and accelerate recovery.

Enhancing this are potent extracts of Arnica and Chamomile, plants long used in traditional medicine for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Combined, these ingredients offer a potent natural remedy to the physical stress endured by dock diving dogs.

Ear Infections: Preventing Through Care

Dogs that spend a lot of time in water, as dock diving dogs do, are more prone to ear infections. While TheraMud isn't a direct solution for this, its inception was rooted in holistic care for these athletic dogs. An integral part of this care involves routine ear cleaning and check-ups, which we strongly advocate for alongside the use of our product. It's about fostering an overall approach to health, prevention, and care.

Tackling Skin Problems with Nourishing Elements

Prolonged exposure to water can cause a myriad of skin problems in dogs, including dry skin and irritation. To address these issues, we imbued TheraMud with some of nature's finest skin-nourishing ingredients.

Shea Butter, renowned for its deep moisturizing capabilities, forms a core component of TheraMud. It provides a hydrating layer to the skin, preventing dryness and cracking even after prolonged water exposure.

The inclusion of Hydrolyzed Keratin, a protein integral to skin health, helps to repair and strengthen the skin barrier. It provides added resilience against external irritants that dogs may encounter during their aquatic adventures.

Furthermore, TheraMud features nutrient-packed Kale and Red Algae Extracts. Both offer a host of skin benefits, including hydration, nourishment, and fortification of the skin's natural defenses.


The formulation of TheraMud was driven by our desire to address the unique needs of dock diving dogs. Our approach to this dynamic product was holistic, taking into account not only the immediate physical stress of this high-impact sport but also the potential health concerns that come with prolonged water exposure.

At Draw It Out K9 Care Solutions, we're passionate about providing products that care for your athletic dogs as much as you do. With TheraMud, we're offering a natural, effective solution to keep your dock diving dogs healthy and happy, so they can continue doing what they love - making that exhilarating leap, time and time again.

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