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DiO Concentrate

Draw it Out  Concentrate: Optimize Your Horse's Care and Performance" - Discover how Draw it Out Concentrate offers a fast, efficient, and effective solution for caring for your horse. Ideal for use during events or training, this concentrate ensures your equine athlete remains at their best. Apply Draw it Out under pads, boots, and wraps to maintain comfort and competition-readiness. Its unique formula eliminates the need for pre-competition washes, saving you valuable time and hassle, allowing for more focused preparation for each performance.

How Often Should You Use Draw it Out Spray?

Maximize Your Horse's Well-Being with Draw it Out Concentrate at the Barn - Start your day at the barn right with Draw it Out Concentrate. Ideal for a morning routine, apply it as a general body spray while feeding your horse. This initial use helps limber and loosen your horse's muscles and joints, setting the stage for a productive day. Before training, spray Draw it Out Concentrate on your horse's back, legs, and other areas to help prevent soreness, particularly during intense sessions. Conclude your day by applying it again after bathing and grooming your horse. This post-activity application aids in keeping their muscles fresh and supports overnight regeneration. Make Draw it Out Concentrate a staple in your daily horse care for optimal health and performance.

Make Mixing Your Draw it Out Easy

When applying Draw it Out Concentrate, make sure to use the designated sprayer. This robust 16oz spray bottle, constructed from high-density plastic, includes a high-volume adjustable nozzle for optimal application. Conveniently marked for 70/30 or 50/50 mixing ratios, the bottle simplifies the preparation of Draw it Out Concentrate, ensuring accurate and effective use every time.

--16oz Draw It Out Sprayer (9223424262)--

Discover Effortless Mixing with the Draw It Out® 16oz Sprayer!

Are you searching for a simple and efficient way to mix your Draw It Out® Concentrate? Look no further than our 16oz Draw It Out® Sprayer! This versatile and empty sprayer is designed with convenient markings to ensure the perfect 70/30 and 50/50 mixing ratios, making it an ideal companion to our 32oz or 128oz Concentrate bottles.

The clear lines on the sprayer serve as a precise guide for mixing Draw It Out®, ensuring you achieve the correct ratio every time. With our sprayer, mixing your concentrate becomes a breeze, allowing for quick and easy application to your horse for fast-acting relief.

Experience the ultimate convenience and effectiveness with the Draw It Out® 16oz Sprayer. Enhance your horse care routine today with this essential tool!

Key Features:

  • Easy Mixing Ratios: Markings for 70/30 and 50/50 ratios for accurate mixing.
  • Perfect Companion: Pairs perfectly with Draw It Out® 32oz or 128oz Concentrate.
  • Fast-Acting Relief: Ensures proper application of Draw It Out® for quick results.
  • User-Friendly: Simplifies the process of mixing and applying your concentrate.

Try the Draw It Out® 16oz Sprayer today and enjoy the convenience it brings to your equestrian care routine!