Revolutionizing Equine Care: The Power of Draw it Out® in Managing Horse Pain and Inflammation

In the sphere of equine health, addressing pain and inflammation with efficacy and safety is a top priority for horsemen and women. Draw it Out®, a pioneering product in the equine care market, has ushered in a new era of pain management and inflammation control for our equine partners. Renowned for its versatility and powerful results, Draw it Out® has become a staple in barns across the country, proving indispensable in the day-to-day management of horse health.

The Genesis of Draw it Out®

Draw it Out® emerged as a trailblazer in equine health, bringing a proprietary blend of minerals, modeled on an Epsom salt profile, into the limelight. This innovative formula is not only effective but also ultra cost-effective, making it a pragmatic choice for horse owners. The product's ability to be mixed at various ratios offers unparalleled flexibility, catering to the diverse needs of horses, from general maintenance to acute injury care.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Equine Wellness

The hallmark of Draw it Out® is its adaptability. Whether used as a body spray, soak, or poultice, it addresses an array of equine health issues with ease. Its effectiveness is tailored to the severity of the condition—ranging from a 70/30 water to Draw it Out® mix for regular upkeep to a full-strength application for serious injuries.

Targeted Relief for Equine Athletes

Particularly beneficial for abscesses and large muscle groups, Draw it Out® has proven invaluable in the post-competition care of equine athletes. Its application as a leg wrap, either directly or through soaked wraps, provides sustained relief without the risk of adverse reactions, making it a go-to solution in the competitive horse world.

The Unmatched Benefits of Draw it Out®

Draw it Out® stands out in the equine market for its deep-penetrating, mineral-based formula that effectively manages pain and reduces inflammation. Its versatility for use before, during, or after events solidifies its position as an essential component in any horseman's toolkit.

Time-Saving and Convenient Application

Draw it Out® is celebrated for its no-rinse, stain-free formula, a boon for busy horse owners and trainers. This feature not only saves precious time but also ensures the product’s practicality and ease of use in fast-paced equestrian environments.

Economical and Effective

Beyond its efficacy, Draw it Out® is lauded for its economic benefits. Its long-lasting formula and versatile applications make it a cost-effective solution, providing value for money in managing horse health.

Usage Guidelines for Maximum Effectiveness

Achieving the best results with Draw it Out® involves following specific mixing instructions. The general guideline suggests a 30% concentration for routine use and a 50% concentration for intensive care, ensuring optimal effectiveness for various equine conditions.

Why Horsemen Choose Draw it Out®

Draw it Out® has earned its place in the stables for its commitment to horse safety and performance. Its natural, chemical-free formulation is ideal for regular use, providing a worry-free solution for pain relief. Its odorless and colorless gel formula offers a clean and straightforward approach to equine pain management.

The Power of Ingredients

At the heart of Draw it Out®'s effectiveness are its ingredients: a harmonious blend of water, sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, potassium, and a proprietary trace mineral blend. This combination guarantees deep penetration and effective relief, catering to a range of equine health needs.

Draw it Out® stands as a testament to innovation in equine health care, offering a safe, versatile, and powerful solution for managing pain and inflammation in horses. Its adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and proven efficacy make it an indispensable product for horsemen dedicated to the health and performance of their horses. In the ever-evolving world of equine care, Draw it Out® remains a beacon of reliability and effectiveness.

Draw it Out®: Revolutionizing Equine Care with Groundbreaking Pain Management Solution

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Safe, Natural, and Chemical-Free:

The formulation of Draw it Out® is safe, natural, and free from harsh chemicals, making it suitable for regular use without the fear of adverse effects. This aspect is crucial for horse owners who prioritize the health and well-being of their horses, ensuring that the product is gentle yet effective, even on horses with sensitive skin.

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No-Rinse, Time-Saving Formula:

Draw it Out®'s no-rinse, stain-free formula is a significant time-saver, especially valuable in busy equestrian settings. It eliminates the need for lengthy wash rack sessions, allowing for quick and efficient application, which is particularly advantageous during competitions or in training scenarios where time is of the essence.

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Tailored Concentration for Specific Needs:

The product's unique formula can be mixed at different ratios, providing customized solutions for different conditions. A lighter mix (70/30 water to product) is ideal for regular upkeep, while a stronger mix (up to 100% concentration) is effective for severe injuries. This flexibility allows for targeted treatment, enhancing the product's effectiveness and ensuring optimal care for each horse's specific needs.

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Versatile Application:

Draw it Out® is designed for multiple uses – as a soak, poultice, or body spray. This versatility allows horse owners to tailor the application to the specific needs of their horse, whether it's for general maintenance, acute injury care, or post-competition recovery. Its adaptability makes it an invaluable tool in various scenarios, ensuring comprehensive care for equine athletes.