How to Use Breathe to Run by Draw it Out®: A Comprehensive Guide

Keeping your horse in peak health isn't only about their physical condition; their respiratory health is equally important. Breathe to Run by Draw it Out® is a uniquely formulated equine care product designed to support respiratory health, enhance performance and stamina. This how-to guide will walk you through the steps to apply Breathe to Run effectively, ensuring your horse enjoys optimal respiratory health.


Understanding the Product:

Breathe to Run by Draw it Out® is designed to support your horse's respiratory health. It is created from all-natural ingredients that have been meticulously chosen for their potential benefits to the equine respiratory system. Regular use of this product may help to enhance the performance and stamina of your horse.

When to Use:

For optimal results, use Breathe to Run by Draw it Out® before and after strenuous activity. This can include training sessions, competitive events, or any time your horse has exerted significant energy.


Ensure your horse's nose and mouth areas are clean and free from debris before applying Breathe to Run.


Spray Breathe to Run by Draw it Out® lightly around your horse's nose, allowing the fine mist to be inhaled. It's best to avoid spraying directly into the nostrils - the surrounding air will carry the product in.


Allow the horse to breathe in the mist for a few minutes before commencing any strenuous activity. There's no need to wipe or rinse the product off after application.

Consistent Use:

To maintain optimal respiratory health and performance, use Breathe to Run regularly, especially during periods of high activity or seasonal changes when horses might be more susceptible to respiratory issues.


Breathe to Run by Draw it Out® is an easy-to-use, effective product designed to support and enhance your horse's respiratory health. By following this guide, you can help ensure your horse is always ready to give their best performance.

Remember, each horse is unique and may respond differently to Breathe to Run. Therefore, it's crucial to observe your horse's response to the product and adjust the frequency of use as necessary. Always consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about your horse's health.

Now, you are well-equipped with the knowledge to confidently use Breathe to Run by Draw it Out®. So go ahead, help your equine companion breathe easier and run faster!